LEGOLAND Windsor Resort with Merlin Annual Pass

We our Merlin Annual Pass Ambassadors and so now the weather is being so nice it is easy and cheap for us just to visit one of the many attractions not really mattering how much or little we do there because we can always go back another day at no extra cost. We are big LEGO fans and have visited LEGOLAND Windsor many times before even staying in the LEGOLAND Windsor Hotel, but we hadn’t visited for over a year and were keen to discover what was new. Plus LEGOLAND Windsor is a great place for a day out in hot weather because they have the most awesome water play areas! As an added bonus we have been learning about Vikings and it tied in nicely as there’s a Viking area.legoland windsor entrance


Last time we visited LEGOLAND Windsor they were just about to open the LEGO NINJAGO area of the park so the boys were keen to visit there first. There’s a new way for those with disabilities to access the rides without queuing by booking a time with an app or on the website (registering at customer services first) and this also includes one ride where you do not have to wait to get you started. Naturally we went for the new LEGO NINJAGO The Ride but there was no need as there simply weren’t any queues at all (so much so that on Pirate Falls they asked if we wanted to stay on and go round again as there was no-one waiting at all!!).LEGO NINJAGO entrance AT LEGOLAND WINDSOR

LEGO NINJAGO The Ride is the UK’s first ever 4D hand gesture enabled ride (with technology by Triotech).  There are 4D effects of heat, smoke and wind – as riders use their hands to create virtual fire balls, shock waves, ice and lightning at the 3D projected images – whilst battling against snake tribes, skeleton ghosts and King of the Skulkuns, before ultimately facing The Great Devourer – a giant serpent who can only be defeated by working together and demonstrating the best Spinjitzu moves. Up to four ninja can join together per vehicle with points gained in battle to determine who is the ultimate warrior! Riders over 1.3m can ride alone – smaller and they require an adult. There is also another ride in LEGO NINJAGO World: Destiny’s Bounty, a twisting and turning boat-themed ride where riders can test their ninja skills of endurance!lego ninjago with merlin annual pass

LEGO NINJAGO World also contains over 20 new LEGO models including two five-foot guardian dragons built from 77,280 LEGO bricks protecting the entrance, a model of Master Wu and the LEGO NINJAGO heroes themselves. LEGO NINJAGO World is an area with lot of interactive NINJAGO character scenes to test balance, agility, speed and creativity and perfect Spinjitzu skills:

  • Zane’s Temple Build: Where guests can tap into their inner imagination and create LEGO models inspired by NINJAGO
  • Kai’s Spinners: where guests can test their balance as they stand on one of Kai’s spinning platforms
  • Jay’s Lightning Drill: Where everyone can put their reflexes to the test against their friends in this trial of speed
  • Cole’s Rock Climb: Where children can test their agility as they scale a rock wallCole's rock wall at LEGOLAND Windsor

LEGO Miniland 2018

New at LEGO Miniland 2018

  • Miniland Explore the World – including landmarks from India, Russia, Australia, and China. See the majestic Taj Mahal (Agra) St. Basil’s Cathedral (Moscow), the Sydney Opera House (Sydney) and the Forbidden City (Beijing).
  • Miniland USA including a New York Cityscape, with the Empire State Building standing at a huge 5 metres tall, and an epic journey along the famous Route 66, taking in Chicago and Arizona. Eagle eyed guests will spot tiny details along the way from Area 51 in Nevada to Cloud Gate in taj mahal in legoland windsor resort

As new at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort for 2018 is the LEGO® Reef but we did not visit this attraction at this time. The beauty of being Merlin Annual Pass Holders means we can just focus on a few attractions as we know that we can come back time and time again. It certainly makes me feel less rushed and the children love nothing better than to use the play areas.LEGO Viking at legoland Windsor resort

We noticed that there are also education areas for schools and I may find out if they cater for home education groups too. Our trip was educational – not just the physical activity but we did discuss the Vikings (and the clothes the models were wearing and if there really were dragons!) plus the 10 year old was thinking about the way the tracks bent and the speed etc as we went – and if it was possible to turn and change speed at the same time! Definitely a great day out was had.

Country Kids

My family all received Premium Merlin Annual Passes (which covers London attractions, special days, car parking and certain discounts) in return for 6 posts about our visits. All opinions are honest and our own and we had been buying the passes for years because they are really great value for money.


12 thoughts on “LEGOLAND Windsor Resort with Merlin Annual Pass”

  1. Wow a 4D hand gesture enabled ride kind of blows my mid a little, I clearly haven’t been to a theme park in too long! Legoland was quite basic when I visited with my gang years ago. It is a real full on sensory experience now that kids must just adore. I think the way they keep adding to the park with new ground breaking rides keeps it right up there as a lead attraction.

    Thank you for sharing your discoveries at #CountryKids

  2. We have visited a couple of Legolands here in continental Europe, but have never made it to Windsor. Always a great day out with the kids and Miniland is always the biggest hit of all! I’m a bit simple and old-fashioned, so I would definitely prefer more mind-blowing Lego creations and less 4D hand gesture-enabled technology 🙂

  3. My son’s dream destination and I can see why he wants to visit. Such a lovely place! So many things to do and see. And of course Lego! We are saving and hopefully we can go this year!

  4. This looks like such a fantastic days out. I have always wanted to visit and I am sure I will one day.
    It looks like there is so much to see and do.

  5. Having passes really does take the pressure off on a day out. We went on the Lego Ninjago ride shortly after it opened but thankfully the queues weren’t too long on the day we went. It sounds like you had the perfect day with regards to the queues! I love the new areas at Miniland too. Glad you enjoyed your day out and managed to tie it in with the home learning too! 🙂

  6. I love reading these Legoland posts as everyone does something different depending on what their kids are into. I’m amazed at the variety there. Great pics. Must visit sometime

  7. We’ve been debating getting a merlin pass as there’s a few attractions around where we live. Would love to go to Legoland


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