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I took part in an Active Family Blogger Challenge with Mark Warner and as a runner up won £250 for Profeet custom insoles and trainers. This was my experience.

profeet_drinkFirst I was made to feel very welcome and told to help myself to drinks, fruit and sweets, whilst I filled out some paperwork – including what my feet needs were.

Then I had to run on the treadmill with my old trainers on. My feet and lower body movements were evaluated through video gait analysis to identify movement patterns and check for likely problems. Then I had to do it again bare foot.

My trainers were getting old and needed replacing, but I’m proud to say that my trusty Nike trainers were doing a fantastic job of helping support me.


Next I had to run backwards and forwards, placing one foot on the scan pad – which examined the forces acting through each of my feet as they impact on the ground – this then determined how I needed cushioning and supporting for my custom-made insoles.


I was then talked through my biomechanical analysis – telling me all about my feet. It was really quiet interesting and confidence boasting to my feet – as seems they are doing a good job. That my lower back pain I have been having could be due to my trainers needing replacing, as they are no longer supporting me quiet as well as they could be.


Then a mould of my foot was taken – I had to stand in this blue stuff and it suck like quick sand (we had to actually do this twice as they weren’t happy with how my first one had turned out – something to do with me naturally having a high arch I think it was). Then a composite insole was placed between my foot and the mould to form an exact foot shape – it was all done very quickly. It felt so lovely and warm and relaxing. Then the insoles were finished with high density foam.


Then I had my feet measured – as even from shop to shop shoes sizes vary. Then I was brought out lots of different trainers, especially selected by the very knowledgeable Profeet lady. Each time she would feel around to make sure they fitted correctly – and find out where my big toe was. To find out if they were comfortable then I would run on the treadmill. Once I found my perfect pair then the insoles were added and advice given on how to break them in –  including using the original insoles.

shoesfromprofeetThey were amazing and I actually felt really supported. Just walking around in them made me want to run.

Thank you to all the staff at Profeet who were very welcoming and gave me a lovely experience.

I received £250 towards my tailor-made insoles and trainers. I have also received travel expenses.

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