Kickers School footwear from Cloggs

Kickers School footwear from Cloggs

When it comes to buying everything for Back to School it is easy to overlook something or find that actually your children have had a growth spurt at the last-minute. If I am honest we are usually too busy enjoying ourselves to think about sorting everything out and then I realise that they go back … Read more

A Hotter Giveaway!


Things just got Hotter in the Pinkoddy Household. Yes indeed I just lost my virginity and boy was it amazing! If you’ve come here looking for photos of my naked flesh then I am afraid all you are getting is my stretch marks (see post on why I’d rather show off my boobs than my … Read more

New Shoes with Profeet

I took part in an Active Family Blogger Challenge with Mark Warner and as a runner up won £250 for Profeet custom insoles and trainers. This was my experience. First I was made to feel very welcome and told to help myself to drinks, fruit and sweets, whilst I filled out some paperwork – including what my feet … Read more