National Shoe Fitting Week with Hotter Shoes

This week is National Shoe Fitting Week and although I am sure that many of us are aware of how important children’s growing feet are we tend to forget our own! Footwear is the only piece of clothing that can damage our health – if we walk a certain way to avoid pain then it effects our other joints and tendons; resulting in knee, leg, hip, back, shoulder and neck pain! Later on rheumatism and arthritis can develop where the joints wear unnaturally and catch the nerves. Therefore I was invited along to my local Hotter Shoes to have my feet measured and a pair of shoes front of Hotter Shoes Cheltenham

Hotter Shoes Measuring Service

One of the great things about Hotter Shoes is their customer service. They make sure that each pair of shoes they sell fits the new owner perfectly. I had the option to have my feet measured first and then look at the shoes, or vice a versa. First I had my feet completely measured – not just the length. This was both of them as no two feet are the same. I know from previous Hotter shoes experience that I am normally a size 5 but in Hotter Shoes have needed a 4 ½. When I had my feet measured this week I was surprised to discover that one foot was actually a Hotter Shoes size 5, and the other foot my big toe pushed me into a size 6!  I am pleased to see that I have average width feet – but fear not as Hotter Shoes do a whole range of shoes with wider fittings. Hotter Shoes foot measuring service

Adults feet Change Size

I had no idea that the foot could change size and shape in adulthood – but apparently yes this is a thing. The feet themselves do not literally shrink or grow but the way the ligaments are can make the feet flatten and widen – pushing the toes forwards. Or they can seem to shrink if you lose weight or are not standing on your feet a lot

Then I tried on different shoes and the assistant made sure that they fitted correctly. The assistant gave me both sizes 5 and 4 ½ to try on and once I found a pair that gave me a Hotter moment she just double checked to make sure it fitted 100% perfectly. Not only do Hotter do half sizes to make sure your feet are happy but they offer a money back guarantee within 90 days of purchase!

Beige Quake Sandals Hotter Shoes
You know you’ve had a Hotter Moment when they feel so good that you can’t wait for the pink to be ordered in!

I am super aware of the need to wear correctly fitting shoes as currently I am suffering from a running injury and so it has been painful to even try to walk for the last month. I want to do everything I can to make sure I do not damage my body further or again. I have no idea why we are so careful with children’s feet but not our own! Thank you to Hotter Shoes for making sure that my feet are looked after.



I was invited to Hotter Shoes for National Shoe Fitting Week and received a pair of Quake shoes. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own (except the ones I researched about feet changing size!)

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