My Quest for a Pair of Jeans

Fashion is a funny old thing isn’t it. I guess my opinion comes from the fact that I tend to go for clothes that are practical as opposed to a changing popular style. All is fine with fashion as long as they don’t break those staple clothes I need – and that I can buy new practical clothes for myself and my children at the right times for the seasons. But this doesn’t need seem to be the case with fashion designers, who I guess are always keen to make more money have a new trend. Of course they are also aware that children do not want to wear the same clothes as their parents (unless it’s old clothes making a comeback – therefore parents probably wouldn’t be seen dead in them now!). No of this really affected me until they started changing jeans!

All about the Jeans

Jeans – they are the ultimate practical piece of clothing in my opinion. Comfy, warm (but cool enough when it starts to get warmer) – can be coupled with vest tops for when it is hot, or jumpers for when it gets cold. They have many pockets so you do not need to think about a bag for your phone, keys and wallet; don’t need washing all the time; are comfortable but hard-wearing: What is not to love? Coming in all manner of colours and sizes – there was a pair for everyone. But of course my children would not touch them with a barge pole!Flatlay bootleg jeans in indigo

I guess the problem with jeans is that they last so long that the fashion industry wouldn’t have been making much money on them, so they had to keep changing them. I can’t remember which came first – was it the worn look, the boyfriend cut – the inability to just buy a pair of “jeans” soon evaporated and we were faced with a huge array of different designs of jeans.  Don’t even get me started on “Mom2 jeans – which are like maternity jeans for those who aren’t pregnant! I soon learnt that I liked two cuts of jeans the boyfriend and the bootcut – the latter of which I quickly realised that I actually had to wear with boots or they would be too long and drag all over the floor!

Skinny Jeans

Then the skinny jeans happened. Jeans with legs so tight you’d be lucky to get your leg in and then back out again. For a woman approaching 40 this was not the kind of battle I wished to have when getting dressed. That’s when it happened, my jeans needed to go and I could not find new ones I liked anywhere! Suddenly there were all manner of jeans with all manner of girls’ names – mostly still skinny with the option of super skinny and with a high-waist (none of which are for me!). I just wanted regular jeans!flatlay bootleg jeans blueMy youngest two children suddenly started wearing them, with The Sensory Seeker especially loving his new skinny jeans. Just when I thought the fashion designers had won I found some Bootcut Jeans that I liked at Simply Be. I have had 3 different pairs and each one is so comfy, the legs are the right width and most importantly the legs aren’t too tight. Simply Be are known for their plus Size clothing but actually start at a size 10, obviously taking into account that not everyone wants super-tight clothes (although they do also do Skinny Jeans too). It was so nice to put a pair of jeans back on as I have been living in leggings – and let’s be honest it just isn’t the weather for them. Now I wonder how long my boys will carry on wearing their jeans now I am back in mine!


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12 thoughts on “My Quest for a Pair of Jeans”

  1. I love wearing jeans too but have such a hard time finding a pair that fit right!! I miss the days of walking into Millers Outpost and simply finding the perfect pair that fit… Am I showing my age LOL

  2. I could not agree more with this post, I love a good pair of jeans but I can actually say I now only own two pairs and hardly wear them. I can never find a pair of jeans that look good but are also comfortable and practical. Most of them are really tight or have holes all over them!

    Abigail – abi

  3. It is so mice when you find a pair of jeans that you love. I am so picky with how clothes feel on my body that it takes me a long time to find a good fit. These sound great!

  4. Glad you found some jeans that work for you. I like the look of skinny jeans, but I’m muscular and I can’t get them on! I wear slim fit instead. I wore bootcut for many years, but once I’d discovered slim fit I didn’t want to go back. My boys won’t wear jeans either, but my daughter wears them. Needless to say, she fits in skinny jeans perfectly!

  5. I am not a jeans kind of girl but lately those stretch fashion jeans are amazing in the market. Nonetheless, there is something about jeans that it makes you look sharper. Loved reading your post.

  6. I really like bootcut jeans and hat cuffed bottoms jeans because I like them to feel free. Sounds like a great pair of jeans.

  7. Skinny jeans makes a lot of difference in fashion. I cant imagine without skinny jeans in fashion history. I have three pairs and i love them, all from Uniqlo.

  8. Your opinions are quite interesting, I enjoy reading what you write. Good jeans change everything. They are such a crucial staple, and it is so hard to find a great pair. Jeans shopping is quite the ordeal. once i find the right fit, then i tend to keep buying the same brand.


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