The Roses Theatre Jack and the Beanstalk Panto

I love Pantos, they really remind me of Christmas as a child. The booing the baddie, and the goodie throwing sweets into the audience, after shouting, “He’s behind you.” So you can imagine how excited I am to tell you that I am being granted special access to The Roses Theatre’s production of Jack and … Read more

PYO Berries in Gloucestershire

PYO Berries Gloucestershire @pinkoddy

I’d been wanting to take the boys berry picking for some while. It is one of those things that I did as a child that I’ve realised that my children have never done (only blackberries in the wild, not a pick your own).. I wanted to give them the experience as well as helping them … Read more

Aladdin at The Roses Theatre Tewkesbury

Last week we went to The Roses Theatre to see Aladdin, written and directed by Ben Crocker. This production really captured the essence of everything that is Panto. There was the villain to boo at Abanazar (or-have-a-banana) played by Jeffrey Harmer. My three year old really enjoyed Booing! Lots of comedy with PC Ping Pong (played by … Read more