Will things Change now Justin Bieber is 18?

Justin Bieber is probably THE biggest influence in social networking sites. With his almost 18 million fans on Twitter he can soon get things trending and reaching the largest of audiences. For his birthday fans plan to get him a Guinness World Record of the most social media messages in 24 hours. I like Justin … Read more

#ISpy Something beginning with B

So this is the photo meme I Spy brought to you by Mum of One who will pick a letter of the alphabet (or chose someone to pick it) for us to I Spy with. This week it is B. (click to go to the original which glitters) As you may notice this is my first very unimaginative ispy … Read more

Extracurricular Activities – for the Select few?

Studies by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) show that children should be getting on average of 60 minutes exercise a day. It will help reduce health risks – such as cardiovascular problems, Build stronger bones, healthier joints and muscles Maintain a healthier weight Help aid sleep Reduce stress levels Increase self-esteem and self-worth/image … Read more