Sun Holiday Codes 2018

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They are back once again those bargain breaks of £9.50 Sun Holidays. I will be adding all the Sun Holidays Codes for 2018 in this post so please do keep coming back for updates. Once again if you have booked before you should have received a priority code – this only works with SunSavers and … Read more



The school Summer holidays maybe over (or nearly over depending on where you live) but that doesn’t mean that you should stop thinking about holidays! If the long break has left you a bit short of cash – fear not as this Saturday (30th August 2014) sees the return of The Sun £9.50 holidays. If … Read more

Packing for £9.50 Sun Holiday

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When planning a £9.50 Sun holiday I like to think about how much and what I need to pack. This may make a difference dependent on how I am travelling there. There are certain things that most camp sites do supply such as a television, beds, chairs etc. Things such as cutlery, plates and so … Read more

Sun Holiday Codes January – Why it is the best time to book

Sun holiday codes

Why you should collect Sun Holiday Codes in January I think January is the best time to sort out your holiday. Firstly, the slum of after Christmas can make people feel a bit miserable, and having something to look forward to always gives a bit of a boost. It’s a much better way to spend … Read more