Sun Holiday Codes 2018

  • They are back once again those bargain breaks of £9.50 Sun Holidays. I will be adding all the Sun Holidays Codes for 2018 in this post so please do keep coming back for updates. Once again if you have booked before you should have received a priority code – this only works with SunSavers and requires you to buy the Sun Newspaper each day. If you do not wish to buy the paper then you can still book a Sun £9.50 Holiday using the code words available online but you will not get that early priority booking. This is especially important if you are restricted on dates (ones in school holidays) and popular parks. You should still be able to book some sort of holiday though. Always check what the total price is and whether it is actually the cheapest way to go – do not just get swept away with the excitement of booking and expecting it to be cheap. Remember that the price is based on a minimum number of 4 people – so even if there’s only 2 of you then you still have to pay for four. There is a £2.80 online card booking fee, service charges, linen charges and entertainment – some of which can be removed. It is also a good idea to take out the holiday insurance.  I generally find that a Sun Holiday is the cheapest way for my family of 5 to travel however, especially when considering the European Destinations.

sun £9.50 holidays code words

Sun £9.50 Holiday Codes August 2018


Sun £9.50 Holiday Codes July 2018

Booking from Sunday 15th July 2018


Saturday 7th July…LAZY
Sunday 8th July….COVE
Monday 9th July…TILT
Tuesday 10th July..COIL
Wednesday 11th July..WALL
Thursday 12th July …FUND
Friday 13th July……DART
Saturday 14th July..SOLD
Sunday 15th July….G7T9

Sun £9.50 Holiday Codes May 2018

Saturday 12th May.. SING
Sunday 13th May…. PEAR
Monday 14th May… OVEN
Tuesday 15th May.. J7G8

Sun £9.50 Holiday Codes April 2018


As promised I am updating this post with the third chance in 2018 to bag yourself a Sun Newspaper £9.50 Holiday. Starting on Saturday 7th April 2018  with over 300 parks to pick from in the UK and Europe. They’ve even got an offer on for a free night if you go midweek! Collect just FIVE tokens and visit clicking on Book now from Friday 13th April 2018.

February Codes


Sun £9.50 Holiday Codes January 2018


Book your Sun £9.50 Holiday

NOTE: These are not SunSaver Codes which can only be collected by buying the Sun Newspaper. Each SunSaver code is unique so cannot be shared. The codes about can be used from Monday 15th January 2018.

You need to collect 9 Saver Tokens (individual newspapers required) or 10 holiday codes available from the 6th January 2018 – which are available until Tuesday 30th January 2018. These are for holidays which can be booked between February and May and September to November in one of the 326 top parks in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Croatia. Pick four parks and four dates – you can search for which are available and get on-screen information about your booking.

Once the site is open you can check where is still available.Sun £9.50 Holiday to Haven Blackpool Marton Mere

There’s the usual advice about booking midweek and off-peak; using the any park in area box; the No extras dates and free passes – but plus this year Butlin’s have a room only option which offers a FREE service charge for units with no self-catering facilities. Remember that with the same codes you can also book more than one Sun £9.50 Holiday!


Alternatively the Daily Mail Codes are all available and ready to book online.


You may also be interested in my post on Packing for a £9.50 Sun Holiday

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    • You are too late for the January Codes – you could still use the February codes a few days ago as I booked mine. There’s not a lot of availability left in the UK unless you want to do Pontins.


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