Tandem feeding

Tandem just means one in front of the other, not necessarily at the same time; so for me there never was any question about whether I’d tandem feed. My son was still a baby (it was the day before his first birthday I discovered I was expecting again) and not ready to give up. Also … Read more

Breastfeeding Breaking The Rules

“Have you ever had to think “outside the box” when it comes to breastfeeding? Do you think there are certain breastfeeding “rules” that are meant to be broken? Do you fit in the typical nursing mom mold? Share your thoughts here!” I guess I do break the rules. I’m not exactly sure what the rules … Read more

Breastfeeding Words of Encouragement

I found a lot of people weren’t encouraging when I  started breastfeeding. It felt like I was doing something wrong. Go feed him in the backroom, or even on the toilet floor! Feed him for 10 minutes on each side every 4 hours – what your baby is screaming? There must be something wrong with your … Read more

Breastfeeding: Things I would have done differently

To be completely honest I think if I could go back and do it all again with my first son I’d have possibly just stopped breastfeeding him after he’d had the colostrum. I was too tired,  and too selfish and too busy doing my A-levels. I didn’t appreciate how much he needed feeding and honestly, don’t … Read more