My Baby seems to have Stopped Breastfeeding

Last time I actually remember him “feeding” he asked (yes talking is a great skill) and was on and off so quick I knew he hadn’t taken anything. He asked again a few weeks later and I asked him if he thought he was getting too old and that he hadn’t really had any last time. I don’t remember a reply but that he was happy not to have any. That for me is crucial because if he had of responded with anything along the lines of I still want some then I would have fed him. I have no idea when that was but it was some time after his fourth birthday (last October). He has not asked at all in 2012.

I used to worry that if he was still feeding when he was at school he’d be a social outcast and in a way I am glad he’s self weaned before he goes BUT I wouldn’t have been worried about the other children. Even the children who are his age and never been breastfed have never batted an eyelid. I think children are a lot more accepting of the fact that everyone is different and have different ways of doing things.

He is actually the most confident little boy too and he makes me very proud. I really couldn’t see him being “different” by being the only one still breastfeeding as being a problem at all.

The opinions I come across are that he’d either be feeding quiet a bit (like a newborn) or hardly at all after say 6 months. It did become just morning, night, tired and ill nearer the end. Or comfort, boredom. With him and my youngest I did notice an increase when potty training.

I feel really lucky to have not only experienced feeding my child until he wanted to stop but also to tandem feed. To hear my son tell me my milk is nice was lovely. Felt like I was discovering a bit of science.

I probably couldn’t tell you why I’m so comfortable to say I’ve just stopped breastfeeding a 4 year old but I read a lot of books and decided it was what was best for us. That it is biologically natural (otherwise why would milk keep producing).

I’m certainly comfortable with the fact it is completely unrelated to sex in any shape or form too. Those who argue it is are clutching at straws or just wanting to bitch at someone.

So there it is I’m back to feeding one child again.

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