Tandem Skydive Ultimate Sixteenth Birthday Present

Our son had a tandem skydive as his sixteenth birthday present from us and this is my experience of it all. Our children are hugely privileged and have already had some amazing opportunities through their lives. When it came to turning sixteen we wanted something that was special. That is when we discovered that a … Read more

My Baby seems to have Stopped Breastfeeding

Last time I actually remember him “feeding” he asked (yes talking is a great skill) and was on and off so quick I knew he hadn’t taken anything. He asked again a few weeks later and I asked him if he thought he was getting too old and that he hadn’t really had any last … Read more

Breastfeeding two and four year olds

  My youngest turned 2 and a half today. Feeding is going well, although I’m sure I feel more uncomfortable feeding at toddler groups. I’m more likely to just let him feed rather than say no.I’m actually hoping to read some blogs that make me feel less alone though as I am still (very occasionally) … Read more