Breastfeeding two and four year olds


My youngest turned 2 and a half today. Feeding is going well, although I’m sure I feel more uncomfortable feeding at toddler groups. I’m more likely to just let him feed rather than say no.I’m actually hoping to read some blogs that make me feel less alone though as I am still (very occasionally) feeding my 4 year old too. It tends to be at the end of the day (when I’m feeding his younger brother), when he’s hurt or when he’s ill.I don’t feel uncomfortable with my decision to keep feeding, and am hoping to self wean – but then I don’t fancy the idea of him still feeding at 7 – and as weird as that sounds I used to feel the same about feeding a 1 year old.Β It’s not about feeding a certain age now it’s about saying no when I can’t really find a good reason to.
Besides it sometimes helps get them to sleep.

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