Words are wonderful

I love words. They are what separate us from animals.

They can make you cry, they can make you sad, then can make your angry, then can make you mad.

It is definitely the pen is mightier than the sword.

But why I want to tell you about words today is their ability to make you smile, to make you laugh.

So here it is.

My mil has been ill in hospital for some time now. The hospital is about half an hour away and visiting times are very limited. She had also changed wards and we had no idea where she was.

My husband was starting to really need the toilet but we were keen to find the ward before the time ran out.

We found the ward and my husband looked up at the sign on the door.

“Sorry, no flowers”

BUT, as he needed the toilet read it as:

“Sorry, no flow-ers”

Well it tickled me.


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