Naming Your Baby

Deciding on what to name your baby is a big decision and one that lasts with them for forever.

Some people take it more seriously than others.

Some struggle to find a name they like, whilst others will give their child 20 names.

I believe (within reason) you can even make a name up.

Watt is in the baby names book – but not one we considered.

Things to Consider:

The spelling of the name – common or unusual?

How memorable? Pronounceable? Can it be shortened? What nicknames might it give your child?

Are you bothered what the initials will spell?

Does the name meaning matter to you? Or people’s perceptions of that name?

How about the Scientology behind the name?

Will you name your baby in pregnancy or wait to see what name they look like? Will you look through books? Search the Internet?

Anyone you would like to name your baby after? Do you have any family traditions with names you’d like to carry on.

Do you know anyone with that name? A lost loved one, someone who had been really kind and/or helpful.

Is there anyone you don’t want your baby to share a name with – ex partners, or your partner’s ex; family members you have fell out with?

Same name as mum or dad?

How cool it is? Something different – like Apple.

Will it go out of date? How popular the name is? Will it matter if there’s 10 children in the class already with your child’s name? After a popular celebrity or soap star?

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Will it fit in with your other children?
Theme? Same length? Starting with the same letter? Or different letters – less confusion over the mail? Sound the same? Roll off the tongue when said together? Their initials spell out something?


I have been thinking about this topic due to hearing rumour that I had named my first child after a boyfriend from when I was a teenager. In fact my oldest son’s name is after someone I know, but not any past love interest. His first name comes from a lad in my class at school. Who was actually very kind to me when others weren’t. He was very popular and good at sports and Art. My son’s middle name is after my youngest brother – who was named after our Grandfather.

With our second son I went through a baby name’s book and wrote down all the names I wouldn’t mind. Then my husband went through the list and crossed off any he did not like. My first born (who was 7 at the time) then picked out a name from what was left in the list. Unfortunately my husband’s grandfather died before my son was born and so we added his name as a second middle name.

Our third son we named because the other 2 were biblical, and it was also a name from the Bible that wasn’t too uncool, over-used, or old fashioned. (We are not religious it was just I liked the idea of a theme).

Our final son we were at a loss – and thought we were having a girl. A discussion on Facebook of people suggesting names and me and hubby saying yes or no finally resulted in his name – which we never thought we’d use, but as we’d been calling “bump” by that name it stuck.

Together my children’s initials spell TALK

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  1. Yip, it is one big conundrum trying to choose a baby name! Your post is ace!!

    Talking of initials, as you do at the end of your post. We were banned by my mum and my husband’s dad, from having anything starting with the letter ‘B’. Why? Because our surname is Hindmarsh – stick a ‘B’ in front of that and it ain’t so great!!


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