Great Gift Giveway with LittleLilyPad Co

As one Competition closes we have another GREAT GIVEAWAY starting!!! Thanks to the lovely Donna @ LittleLilyPad Co “The Little Lilypad Co is the home of beautiful, unique and hand made gifts for babies, children and the whole family, made by real people the old fashioned way, without designer prices, gimicky slogans and plastic packaging. ”  Check out the … Read more

Naming Your Baby

Deciding on what to name your baby is a big decision and one that lasts with them for forever. Some people take it more seriously than others. Some struggle to find a name they like, whilst others will give their child 20 names. I believe (within reason) you can even make a name up. Watt … Read more

Growing Up

When do people “grow up” and what do we mean by this? Do we expect people to behave in a different way from let’s say they first start school to 30 years after they’ve left? Do we judge people on how “grown up” we deem them to be? Or is this a not a very … Read more

Childhood Comforts

Let me introduce you to CAT We bought Cat for our son when he was a 1 year old, and he is now 8. Cat has recently been stitched up the back (thank you Great Nanny) and she said really he needs restuffing (but that is a big nono). Great Nanny also has the same … Read more