Growing Up

When do people “grow up” and what do we mean by this?

Do we expect people to behave in a different way from let’s say they first start school to 30 years after they’ve left?

Do we judge people on how “grown up” we deem them to be? Or is this a not a very grown up way to behave/think? Do we behave worse in groups? Has the internet and social networking sites given opportunity for new types of immaturity and grudge holding?

Do we hold different ideas about what being “grown up” is all about?

Does being “grown up” mean you have to be responsible and considerate to others?

Do men and women “grow” at different rates? Do either sex hold opinions for longer than others?

Is there an age we expect people to have “grown” by?

Can you grow up too soon or too quickly?

Do people ever really change much?

Do some people never grow up?

Do certain life events force us to “grow”?

A Cancer scare, the loss of a loved one, difficult relationships?

When do you feel like you “grew up”? Or do you feel that it still has to happen?

Is there anything that made you grow up?

Or some significant event when you knew you had?

Was there anything or anyone that helped you?

Maybe your first car? you got married? your first house? the birth of your first child? Divorced?

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