Kat’s Pasta Dish

This is called Kat’s Pasta as opposed to Bacon and tomato, or Chicken and Bacon Pasta because the recipe was given to me by my friend Kat – who is an excellent cook and this (to me anyway) is her signature dish. She was drunk one night and I got her to write it down … Read more

Bacon Wrapped Chicken & Cheese with fresh herbed Pasta and Sautéed Broccoli

Equipment Measuring Scales Bowls Grater Knife Frying pan Spatula 2 Saucepans Drainer Baking tray Kitchen towel Foil Ingredients For the Chicken  1 pack of chicken breasts 1 pack of bacon Olive oil 4 0z of grated cheddar cheese For the fresh herbed pasta  300 ml Double cream Garlic granules Handful of fresh chives and parsley … Read more