Make Getting Outdoors Your New Year’s Resolution

people standing outside enjoying the view

Whether you love them or hate them New Year’s is a time when people make Resolutions. The start of a new beginning and many are too ambitious and do not last the week. I believe that small steps can make a big difference at the end of the year as long as you remain realistic. … Read more

Cycling Confidence Kids Club

Ridgeback Kids Club Event

You may recall that recently our 9 year old son was the first in our family to take part in a junior triathlon. His favourite part of it was most probably the cycling as he loves his bike (although we discovered that day that it was actually too small and he needs a new one). … Read more

Junior Triathlon – A First for Our Family

running from the pool Junior Triathlon

I knew this Junior Triathlon meant a lot to our nine year old son because I had to cancel an overnight trip to London for it – and he loves sleeping at London hotels. I think it was the fact that he is confident that he can swim, ride a bike and run so had … Read more