Harry Potter at Gloucester Cathedral

Harry Potter at Gloucester Cathedral

With World Book Day coming up I am sure that Harry Potter is a popular choice for dressing up as. Wizard costumes are quite simple and can be utilised for so many of the characters including Harry Potter, Hermione Jean Granger, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy. My boys were sent a wizard costume each from … Read more

Home-made Superheroes Villains

Home made superheroes villains

There is nothing more precious than spending time with your children – for both them and you. Half term was a marvellous opportunity to do this and it need not be expensive. We spent quality time together playing Superheroes (and Villains) and Lego, inspired by watching The Lego Movie. I am currently planning a Superheroes … Read more

Christmas Dressing up Ideas for Children #MotivationalMonday

Christmas dressing up ideas for children

Have you had a last minute letter from the school telling you that your child or children need costumes like yesterday? Or maybe your child just likes dressing up? I love Christmas but there’s so much expense, especially with four boys. So when it comes to  Christmas dressing up ideas for children I like to keep … Read more