Parents Guide to Teens on Instagram

Parent influencers at Instagram

Instagram invited us along to let us know what they are doing to keep us safe online, particularly in terms of their teenage users. The trouble with parenting is that there wasn’t the issues with technology for young people when we were growing up. Instagram have launched new resources in collaboration with parenting experts, parenting … Read more

Saving Money Online

money lose change coins falling out of a wallet

When it comes to money I am more of a saver than a spender. When I was younger my parents used to call me a meiser and I used to make piles with my pocket money and count it over and over again. Don’t get me wrong I like nice things but I also want … Read more

What Children Get Up to Online?

Playstation bringing people together

There’s no doubt about it the internet is an amazing resource for information, inspiration and entertainment. More and more we are coming to rely on it for our everyday lives so it is no wonder that it is a major part for our children to be growing up with. In fact so much so that … Read more

Password Security – How Safe is Yours?

password security - how safe is your password @pinkoddy

Password Security – What information can be accessed through your password? Have you ever thought about your password security –  what could happen if someone accessed your password? Take a look inside your e-mail account and see what personal or confidential information you have lying there, or of sentimental value. Do you have contact from … Read more