What to Pack for Family Camping in a Tent

what to pack when staying in a tent checklist

I do love a good list – for me it is a great way of making sure I have everything, ticking it off as it is packed and figuring out what I have forgotten. As a family camping in a tent is becoming a more regular thing to do and after the first time camping … Read more

Things To Consider When Packing With Kids

Things To Consider When Packing With Kids

You might be planning a holiday trip, going for a short weekend getaway, or even making a permanent move. In any case, you will need to go through the stressful ordeal of packing. Whether you are packing to go on holiday or relocating to a new house, it is a complicated and tiring task. Throw … Read more

Packing for £9.50 Sun Holiday

sun holiday packing tips

When planning a £9.50 Sun holiday I like to think about how much and what I need to pack. This may make a difference dependent on how I am travelling there. There are certain things that most camp sites do supply such as a television, beds, chairs etc. Things such as cutlery, plates and so … Read more


Although it may well feel like it, P isn’t just for Packing it’s also for POP Bubble wrap is great isn’t it. You can POP with your fingers You can POP with your feet. You can even POP with your toys! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is part of our letter learning journey brought to you by the … Read more