Severn Bridge parkrun – One Before Christmas

We headed to Severn Bridge parkrun. This is a popular one as it means you can cover two countries in one run. It starts in Wales, goes out to England and returns back to Wales. There’s even flags on the Severn Bridge to indicate where this happens. Severn Bridge parkrun were not holding a special … Read more

Our First Christmas Day parkrun Cheltenham

Christmas parkrun what a good idea for the whole family. Well apart from the fact that most of the family did not want to do it and one point blank refused. However, 5 out of 6 of us did go along and see what it was like doing a Christmas day parkrun. We went over … Read more

Stonehouse parkrun – The Flat one in Stroud!

Stonehouse parkrun is in Stroud, one of the South-West parkruns. For anyone who has visited the other parkrun in Stroud you will totally appreciate me referring to this one as the “flat” one! Going there meant we ticked off another S towards the snakes challenge. Our reason for going is that it was my NENDY … Read more

Beautiful Quakers Walk parkrun Event 5

Quakers Walk parkrun started up a few weeks ago, making last Saturday’s event number 5. Set in Devizes, Wiltshire it was our nearest parkrun starting with the letter Q. We went along to see what it was like. All set in a beautiful area. Letter Q parkruns It used to be the case that when … Read more

Stratford Park Parkrun Stroud – The One with Some Elevation!

As part of our Parkrun Tourism we headed along to Stratford Park Parkrun in Stroud. Here are my thoughts and information. About Stratford Park Parkrun Obviously, as the name would suggested this is run around the stunning Stratford Park. If you mention this Parkrun to anyone I bet you that what they will mention is … Read more

Berkeley Green Parkrun Tourists on The 100th Event

Berkeley Green Parkrun celebrated its 100th event and so we went along to find out what it was like there. About Berkeley Green Parkrun Berkeley Green Parkrun is located at a decommissioned nuclear power station site. Situated just outside of the Cotswolds and along the River Severn. It is great if you’re looking for a … Read more

Evesham Parkrun – Information For Visiting First Timers

Our first time at Evesham Parkrun to tick off some challenges in the 5K App. Here is information if you are thinking of doing the same. Including information about the Evesham Parkrun course, how it is as a Jeffer and their stats. About Evesham Parkrun Takes place close to Hampton Ferry, Evesham. This is not … Read more