M is for Maths

So our letter learning journey has taken us up to the letter M. I think this letter really covers my son’s favourite things which are Maths and Music. He is always keen to talk about maths – even going in and out of the house he talks about who came first, second, third and so … Read more

Jolly J

This week when I told my son we were on the letter J he told me that it was for Joe his best friend. First I started with my youngest child and we did jumping then we played with the Jungle animals and we had jelly and played with the jewellery We made a Union … Read more

Why you should be careful

Which letter you are learning? This week it is the turn of I or i and I planned to learn about insects, to go outside and look under rocks, and bits of wood etc. Instead we ended up with an injury He fell off such a small wall and ended up with a dinner fork … Read more