Should schools only pick the best children for Sport?

Should schools only pick the best children for Sport?

This week the boys’ school joined in with lots of other local schools for the annual athletics competition. Hosted at the local secondary school children spent many hours on Tuesday evening competing against each other. I have been attending this event for many years as my oldest son was also very sporty – and have … Read more

Micro-Scooters for Schools

micro scooters for schools

Micro-Scooters for Schools At my youngest children’s school last week we had a Family Night and raffle where over £1,200 was raised. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank you to Micro-Scooters UK for donating a Maxi Micro Scooter with T-Bar as a prize. A little boy who is turning 6 very soon … Read more

Should schools dictate the rules

Today my reception year son has gone to school with a spare clothes and a towel ready for a water fight. Although he’s very excited he is confused about why he isn’t allowed a water-gun – you see it’s in the name isn’t it “gun.” I guess I can see where the school are coming … Read more

School Allocations: With Special Needs #SEN

It was an exciting day as the school allocations arrived, either by e-mail (in the early hours of the morning for the dedicated parents), or by post. LOTS of disappointment this year with some sort of baby boom and people not getting into their first, second, third and even fourth choices! But what they did … Read more

Making Sacrifices – Siblings of Special Needs Children

With Parenting comes Sacrifices They start with Sacrificing things for Yourself Then comes Sacrificing things that you Want for Your Children But what about when One Child HAS to Sacrifice things for Another I think when there’s a child with special needs in the family this may happen more. I have been thinking about the … Read more