Home Education Socialising

I think the big concern a lot of people have is with worrying about the social side. My son tells me that in school they aren’t really allowed to talk apart from at break, and then they tend to run around playing something like tag, so they do not really talk to each other. As I mentioned on chill day the boys do talk to people over the internet whilst playing games but during home education they also interact with a lot of other people, of all ages, throughout the week in one form or another. This can be from soft play sessions, meets in the park, tutoring sessions, organised education sessions etc. Our next couple of days were spent with some boys that the youngest especially has grown particularly fond of.

Week 3 Day 3 Wednesday: Home Education Sports Day

Oh my goodness did it rain! I was super glad we didn’t have to go outside on the school run. In fact we worked in our pjs until rather late. The boys worked hard on Maths today – going through workbooks. I was super proud that The Sensory Seeker had taken in and remembered what he learnt about fractions with me. We then applied this knowledge to probability with the help of LEGO.

home education maths with legoThe boys then watered what they had planted and were delighted to see that things have already started growing. We then cuddled up on my bed and took it in turns at reading some more Harry Potter. In the afternoon the boys tried out a Home Education Sports Group (well when I finally got to the right place). We popped home for dinner (we actually cooked shepherd’s pie the night before and I just had to heat it in the oven) before setting off to Explore Learning. The Sensory Seeker had his session first whilst the 10 year old then we swapped over for the 10 year old to go to his 11+ session. I usually do this with dinner in the middle and leave the younger one home with his dad but he had a medical appointment. Whilst the youngest was in his session the 10 year old did some drawing in his new pad from the Mary and Witch’s Flower Event and ate chips. home educationFor The Sensory Seeker I bought him a new sticker/activity book based on the film we watched on Tuesday. It actually had great problems and questions in it too.

Week 3 Day 4 Thursday: Home Education with Friends

We started the day with more Maths. The boys probably do more of this subject than anything because it is what they enjoy and, to be honest, so do I – which makes it easier all round. I find the older one rather bright and I often have to Google or ask other people for help answering his questions but less so for Maths – and it is nice to feel that I can help him (honestly he teaches me so much about stuff!). Mainly I spent time with the 10 year old doing Logic puzzles and The Sensory Seeker carried on doing things in his Marvel book (as he did not have coloured pencils the day before). It was a beautiful day and we had arranged for them to meet up with their new friends.

home educated children at the parkFour of them (brothers) ended up coming back to our house for an hour to play computer games (and the 10 year old cooked them pizza for lunch). There was a short time (in which The Sensory Seeker lost his temper and hurt his brother – it is like having a toddler because I literally went to the toilet!!) and then they went for their session at Explore Learning. After the regular session there was another one about the 11+ for the youngest of my children. By the time we got back The Sensory Seeker was SO tired, and very tearful as he had been told that he wouldn’t be playing computer games if it got him upset. He ended up snuggled up to me in bed to fall asleep (I so needed a nap!).

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