Covid-19 Is it the Time to Just Start Living in the UK?

Covid-19 is really affecting lives and people are quite rightly getting fed up. This is not a political post but I cannot help but feel that here in the UK it has been handled all really badly. Things aren’t communicated well, those telling us the rules are breaking the rules, and well they just keep changing. The question is are we at the point where we can just go back to normal?

Where are We at With Covid-19 in the UK?

From things I hear people want to go back to normal now. The opinion seems to mostly be about that if a person was going to catch Covid-19 and be seriously ill they would have by now. A lot of people thinking that they have had it and it’s “no worse than the flu!” That people have had plenty of time to be vaccinated, and therefore protected.

covid-19 mask

We have heard about Prime Minister’s Parties (the wine and cheese type) at the same time we are told that we only need to do lateral flow tests (instead of PCRs). Plus the self-isolation date is further being reduced to 5 days. This makes me believe that there is some Social Psychology at work, telling us that Covid-19 is nothing to worry about.

Mixed Feelings

However, I have very mixed feelings about it all. Not all of our children are fully vaccinated yet. Although it has been said that children aren’t affected by Covid-19 this appears to be changing. This hasn’t been our choice but due to them keep testing positive – and therefore having to wait longer. They are most likely not the only ones who would be more vulnerable.

Plus a lot of people have had Covid-19 and therefore are okay. But we had it in our family several times before it increased in severity. Not to mention that our local hospital is full and a Covid-19 hospital has had to open up again.

hospital closed to make room for covid-19 patients

Do we need people on ventilators and/or dying before we think it is something to be mindful of? Is wearing a mask and cleaning our hands so difficult? Social distancing seems a thing of the past as it is apparently spreading even when we are really close.

Are you ready to just move on and treat Covid-19 just like you would the flu?

4 thoughts on “Covid-19 Is it the Time to Just Start Living in the UK?”

  1. Don’t get me started about the government! Ugh! What a joke they have been.
    No, I am not ready to treat Covid like the flu, no one I know has died from the flu but has from Covid. I know the new strains of it are not as bad but it effects people differently vaccinated or not and with the hospital beds still full it is something to be worry about. x

    • See my experience is that my husband was worse with this new strain. Last time and with son there were no symptoms. Unfortunately I too know someone who has died from covid-19 and not the flu and am so with you. Sorry you’ve also experienced this x

  2. It is all a mess! I can understand the need for more ‘normality’, but there definitely needs to be a bit of balance. There is talk now of no self-isolation, which sounds like complete madness. The cases will go through the roof and while lots of people will be asymptomatic or only slightly ill, sadly some will be very ill and some will die.

  3. I feel very conflicted. I personally am still social distancing and mask wearing and I haven’t noticed much disrespect personally towards that decision. On the other hand some days I can’t take the mask anymore and physically cannot wear it, my glasses fog and I start getting panicked. Horrible.
    I don’t see that there are too many restrictions to be honest but maybe I’m missing something.
    Again I know people who have had the flu and lived but with covid 3 loved ones have died..I still want to be vigilant but I can do that with my own choices.


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