The thoughts of a new BMW driver

So there’s been a lot of talk about BMW drivers being the worst on the roads. Well for a start that’s not correct it was actually M3 drivers in particular! But anyways as a new BMW driver I thought I would take a look at what people think of me when driving my new car based on its drivers

  1. BMW drivers do not know the meaning of the term speed limit. Well I think people are getting me confused with themselves. The speed limit isn’t a blanket 40 – when you see that white circle with a black line through it in some places you can go up to 70 miles an hour – NOT 40. But it’s ok I am a patient driver and will give you plenty of space (unless it is safe to overtake you). No what annoys me is when you carry on doing your 40 when you go past that circle with the red ring around the edge with 30 in the centre! I actually have a speed limiter on my BMW steering wheel so I can make sure I definitely don’t break the speed limit and can concentrate on other things.
  2. BMW are self-absorbed, arrogant arseholes. Ah that explains that middle lane driver who came charging up behind me when I was over-taking a lorry on the motorway and did hand gestures to demonstrate this point. Personally I was so un-self-absorbed that I saw him (and let’s be clear I hadn’t pulled out on him) and saw that he was unable to use the outside lane (which was clear) as when I pulled back into the left-hand lane (after over-taking the said lorry because that’s how to drive) he zoomed off ahead. In fact since writing this draft this said hand gesture has again been used towards me by again a middle lane driver! I have heard that it particularly those who drive blue BMWs (mine is white) and ironically both these drivers who have been rude to me have been in blue cars!blue bmw
  3. BMW drivers don’t know how to indicate. Yes in said incident I also used my indicators to move out and back in. You don’t actually need to use them to go around traffic calming like the car I saw the other day though! Some BMWs have lane control, which means the indicators automatically come on if the car detects the vehicle changing lanes.
  4. BMW drivers jump traffic lights, park on double yellow lines/on corners/in front of dropped curbs and across two or more parking bays. No honestly if I have been a bit of an amber gambler at all it is most likely because I am worried that the car behind is too close to be able to stop (and usually find a couple of cars follow me through anyway!). Yes I am still getting used to my new vehicle when it comes to parking but I do try to get it in the parking bay (again I don’t really want it damaged). And I have seen much worse parking believe me!bmw parking
  5. BMW drivers imagine that other people’s dislike for them is due to jealousy of them and their vehicle. Obviously I can’t speak for everyone else but I’d say that this is true. I have NEVER encountered terrible behaviour from other road users in any other car (and I have driven various different makes and models before). People aren’t as courteous, to down-right rude (even beeping their horn at me on a roundabout when it was definitely my right of way – as you give way to the right and there was someone on their right!!!!)

  6. BMW drivers think their car makes them richer than everyone else. No not at all (I know Porsche’s cost more!). In all seriousness it is true that most cars are on some sort of finance and to me this car has cost for us a lot of money. I don’t think that makes me better but I am more careful with it (see above about the very careful driving) and I may be a bit slower on the speed bumps (sorry for holding you up) or hesitant about squeezing through gaps. It isn’t that I expect you to do it, just that I am not as likely to attempt things I am not sure of (thankfully I also have a fantastic built-in camera for going backwards).

So what do you think of BMW drivers? Or are you one? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below please.

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