Our Fourth Week of Home Education

Bank Holiday Monday

This week started a bit differently as there was a Bank Holiday Monday. The morning started a lot more relaxed and breakfast was really late. As soon as I woke up the 10 year old wanted to do the National Geographic kit I had bought home (I suggested he started by reading what we needed to do and he discovered that there were bits missing out of it). The boys got the pool up in the garden so that it would warm up for later and did some drawing of superheroes with their dad utilising the book from the library. The very best bit of the day for me was probably our first meeting to see how things are going at Explore Learning and the boys are progressing well – especially The Sensory Seeker. Interestingly their progress has shot up since they have started home education. We then went to Bourton on the Water and met up with their grandparents. They played in the water and had ice-cream. More playing in water when we got home and some computer games. The Sensory Seeker had a swimming lesson and the 10 year old did some reading.children under bridge


The boys cracked on with their work. The Sensory Seeker got a certificate for being the child who used Explorer Maths the most last month and I think he is keen to do that again! The 10 year old also utilised Explore Learning’s computer software and did things to help with his 11+ exam.  They then both decided to do more Superhero drawing before getting in the blow up pool. In there they discussed whether the toy dinosaurs would sink or float and talked in terms of their size, mass/density. They had a play on the trampoline and went to Explore Learning. In the evening The Sensory Seeker and I cuddled up and took it in turns to read Harry Potter. This time I asked him what had happened previously and who he thought the boy who Harry met in the shop was. I then explained my reasons as to who I thought it was and why, using the text to illustrate.super hero drawing


The day started with some English. The 10 year old was doing comprehensions and The Sensory Seeker working through an English Essentials book I had picked up in Poundland (which covered Grammar). Next we travelled to Goodrich Castle (I read about it on Plutonium Sox Blog) and they read on the journey. At Goodrich Castle we were given audio tours so that the boys could learn more about its history; it also explained some Geography as it pointed out the River Wye, explaining how it separates England and Wales. The outing also gave them a chance to have a run about, some fun, some freedom and the opportunity to ask questions (as well as explain things). We then had a picnic where we were lucky to be joined by Robins (typically I had just put my camera in the car and they got really close until I was photo-ready! During the hour long journey to their Home Education Sports Club they read again.stain glass light over child reading book

From Sports Club The Sensory Seeker went to Explore Learning and the 10 year old joined me in Costa. He had his first baby chino (which he didn’t like) and sip of my Latté (which he also didn’t like). He also did more reading whilst we were there – as well as giving us one-to-one time and I checked once again that he was still happy to be home educated/that he had no worries or concerns. I really thought that The Sensory Seeker would have struggled in his session after such a busy day but I was thrilled to hear how focused he had been, and he was delighted to tell me that he got 100%. We then went home for dinner before The Sensory Seeker went to see his Great Nan and I took the 10 year old for his 11+ session.


One of the things that I really like about our Home Education journey is that the television seems to be off a lot more. Before they would get up in the morning and put it on as soon as they could (the rule was not until they had had breakfast, brushed their teeth and were dressed) but these days they just get straight on with work. So this morning when the television was put on I thought that there would be little work done today and that yesterday was over-kill. But to my really pleasant surprise by 8am The Sensory Seeker was asking for the password to the Mac in order to get on with some Explorer Maths. I then asked the 10 year old to write a report on something he had used for me whilst I caught up with some housework and blog stuff. If I am honest I really don’t remember what else we got up to but there was an Explore Learning session for The Sensory Seeker; and in the evening the 10 year old went Youth Club whilst his brother opted to stay home and play computer games.


Our teen had got up early to make a cake for school today – so there was quite a bit of cleaning up to do! Then we had quite a chilled day. First we went out on our bikes, and then for a walk to collect a parcel. The boys then played Game of Life where we ended up discussing whether they could marry two women at once! The 10 year old made the point that the game needs updating; that no-one dies! No knife crime, no gang wars, nothing about drugs etc – wouldn’t a game like that make for a great discussion with kids. He also did not like the fact that there wasn’t an option to upgrade his car for a bigger one where he could fit all his children in! There was no science club this week as they were at the Spring Festival so as it was the end of the week the boys played Fortnite, before setting off to stay in a hotel in Southampton

Saturday at Paultons Park

We started the day with an all you can eat breakfast before heading off to Paultons Park as we had a Royal Invitation to attend. This was to do with the two new Peppa Pig Rides (which opened on the 16th May). We were joined by my brother, his girlfriend and their two daughters. You can see what my 4 year old niece thought of the two new rides in the video below.

Sunday Tewkesbury Half Marathon

I really wanted to do the Tewkesbury Half Marathon again but decided that it wasn’t a good idea since probably tearing my calf muscle (whatever it is I did it hurt and took me a long time before I could even jog anywhere). Therefore I went along to support others. I took some photos at the 3 mile point before joining the rest of the Tewkesbury Allrunners at the water station at mile 11. You can see the photos I took in the video below.

Again it seemed to be another great day where community spirits were high. It was very hot though and I was so impressed with so many people. There were people in wheelchairs moving at an incredible speed and so many runners with flying feet (even when taking water). There were a few disappointing things about the race but generally it was good. I was pleased to be there for when my friend Emma crossed the line as it was such a massive achievement and a very emotional moment (she had run in memory).

Meanwhile my husband had had the boys doing all sorts of jobs around the house.

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16 thoughts on “Our Fourth Week of Home Education”

  1. Four weeks done already?! It sounds like it’s working really well for all of you and you’re getting a good balance of subjects and experiences.
    Thank you again for taking the amazing Tewkesbury half marathon photos. They look great in the video! x

  2. Sounds like you are really managing to get out and about with your home educating program and a real result to discover the TV is going on less for the kids….. that’s when you know you are succeeding in filling them with fun learning! I love the photo under the bridge which must be from visiting the Grandparents and river study on the river Wye and location of the castle sounds great learning. A little fun at Poultons park never goes a miss, I think quite a few bloggers have been there recently. Hope the calf muscle is on the mend.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  3. I just want to let you know that you are doing a smashing job! Not only are you acting a parent, a sibling, a friend but you have also taken up the role of their educator which is beautiful!

  4. Wow that’s a busy week. I always find the home school experience fascinating and wonder if I’d be able to do it. Going on history based day trips sounds fun and a good use of readily available resources. #countrykids

  5. It sounds like home education is really working well for you all. I love how your boys are naturally seeking out learning instead of putting the television on and it sounds like they are making great progress. Learning about history at Goodrich Castle sounds like fun and how lovely to get to try out the new rides at Peppa Pig World too. #countrykids


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