Top Tips for Renovating a Child’s Bedroom

Whatever the age of your child these simple tips will help with renovating your child’s bedroom as painlessly as possible. They can apply whether it is for the arrival of your first baby, or for the toddler growing up into a child, or for the transition to teenager. So here is a guest post offering some top tips when renovating your child’s bedroom.

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Renovating a Child’s Bedroom to Your Budget

As with any renovation or decorating project, you need to have an idea of how much you want to spend on the job. In the case of something relatively simple like a bedroom makeover, you may also want to think about doing the job yourself which will also save you some money.  Think about what costs are essential and what the things that you can add in later are.

Renovating a Child’s Bedroom the Theme

When renovating a Child’s Bedroom think about whether thereis something that the child is particularly keen on, like dinosaurs or dancing or cars? It’s neither difficult nor expensive to incorporate a theme into a room, but remember that in a few years your child may have grown out of it, so carrying out the theme in such a way that it can be changed or modified without too much difficulty or expense is a good idea. Let the accessories carry the theme! If you are planning to have a intricate design on the wall then I would recommend getting a local decorator to come in and assist you with the makeover. Remember that if you are doing a complete makeover, things like light fittings and ceiling fans will probably need to be changed too.

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Colours for Renovating a Child’s Bedroom

The colour palette for the room is directly tied into the theme, and ideally, try not to use more than three colours. Paint is cheap, quick and easy to apply, and easy to change at a later date when your 4-year-old daughter loves pink and purple but by age 10 likes yellow and green.

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Considering the Bed when Renovating a Child’s Bedroom

If the makeover is for a baby, the bed is an easy choice. However, if the makeover is for a toddler, think a few years down the line when a bigger bed might be needed and try to redecorate so that the bed can be changed out and the whole room still look appealing. Bunk beds or loft beds are great for space saving in a smaller room, or where more than one child uses the bedroom (or even if you want to think about when they have sleepovers).

Storage for a Child’s Bedroom

Children always have lots of stuff, so think about cupboards, bins and shelves so that toys, clothes, books, etc. have a home even if they are not always in it. Storage bins and boxes can be fun and funky and become a feature of the room too. If there is no existing cupboard, do you want to have something built in or do you want to buy some furniture to provide storage for clothes and shoes? Adequate storage is a must!

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Does your Child’s Bedroom have Space for a Desk?

Most children will want to have some sort of table or desk in their room, somewhere that they can do homework or work on art projects, play games or a host of other activities. The desk can be a stand-alone piece of furniture or built in as part of a cupboard or loft bed – there are many different options to choose from here.

DIY when Renovating a Child’s Bedroom

If you are planning to do the project yourself, the easiest thing to do is move absolutely everything out of the room first. Preparation is key to a successful project! If you are not refinishing the floor, cover it completely with a drop cloth – an old sheet will do or a tarpaulin or some plastic sheeting. Check the wall for dings and cracks and repair accordingly. Be prepared for it to take a while and have patience.

And there you have it! With these tips and some planning ahead of time, renovating your child’s bedroom should be a fun weekend project for the whole family, but do not hesitate to get help or advice from a professional if necessary.

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  1. A desk and storage were the biggest considerations when we did or kids’ rooms, they always need so much storage! It’s definitely fun to renovate their rooms, and great to see their faces when it’s all done.


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