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Art is all around us, and with its many different formats then there is sure to be something to suit everyone. Whether this simply drawing a picture with pencil and paper, or experimenting with different media (paint/charcoal/pastels, etc.), taking photographs, building sculptures (from paper, wire, clay, LEGO), origami, cross-stitch, fashion, make-up/face paint/body art, needle felt or even reading about art, looking for art in nature the list is pretty endless.

Tempest LEGO figures Miranda and Ferdinand

You can base your art from your materials, the time of year, your interests, pets or treasured possessions, a topic, a television programme, a trip or experience, a memory, an observation, to help develop a skill, to make as a gift – again the list is endless.

Finding Ideas and Inspiration for Art

It is great to be inspired by other artists. Both those from history and those in the present day. We love our History Heroes Artists pack because they not only introduced us to artists through history but we also found out some interesting facts about them too. Just be careful if you go off googling artists because some art may be considered inappropriate for some audiences.

history heroes artist cards pack

We have enjoyed a subscription to art lessons which have ensured age suitability, and they come with a difficulty level (free trials are available):

  • Artventure which also has Art Eye Deer (for older children)
Artventure eye drawing

As well as visiting art exhibitions and museums (which you can even do virtually) you can look for Art in the world around you – may be consider the shapes that make up different objects. Find out about local arts and crafts – or why not try out a workshop.

You could find television programmes about art including The Culture Show, Channel 4 documentaries, Front Row on Radio 4, Portrait artist of the year, Sky Arts, Radio 5live Arts Club with Will Gompertz.

paint a planet to learn about the solar system

You can read about Art in books, broadsheets or magazines. We love our subscription to Brilliant Brainz which always has a creativity activity. Plus of course do not forget about blogs. All these can give you information about the culture and history – or give guidance and/or inspire you.

Art Blogs:

There is a Craft Section on this blog but other Art Blogs include:


Art Facebook Pages:

Mario drawing

Art YouTube Channels:

Art Supplies

You can pick up art supplies pretty cheap even in pound stores. I have found some of our best artist supplies in the middle of Lidl – including our acrylics, charcoal and canvases. I tend to recycle a lot too. This includes using empty jam jars as a paint pot, old plastic tubs for mixing paint as well as utilising things like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, egg cartons etc, in the art itself.

charcoals kit

You could even do some art to earn a Blue Peter Badge which allows free entry into certain attractions up to the age of 16 years old. More than anything just explore art, find out what kind of art that interests you and just get creative. Our son loves to draw and is happiest with just his notepad and pencil. Over time he has become so much more confident and is now brilliant and drawing characters he loves straight from his head. We are all different though and I much more prefer to create with LEGO or take a photograph (or do both).

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