Inspirational Runners: Michelle’s Story Part 3 London Landmarks Half Marathon

Michelle started running to raise money and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis after the loss of her brother George. In part one I covered this, part 2 was about Michelle’s 10K races building up to her half marathon. This is part 3 as her running journey continued.

Michelle’s belief she could run a Half Marathon

When Michelle had been running for 6 months this is when she believed she could do the half marathon. She had completed a longest run of 8 miles at that point.

Weston-Super-Mare Tough 10

This multi terrain run had cut off times for some points which were smack on her pace. At mile 3 something happened to her calf. At mile 5 Michelle nearly gave up but she kept thinking that she would ask for help at the next Marshall. But the Marshalls kept just clapping and cheering so she just kept going. The pain was so intense but her feet kept running. When she thought she couldn’t go on anymore she kept saying George over and over. She felt like he was her, willing her to finish. She felt like she could almost hear him cheering her on.

As she approached the finishing line there was honking of horns, shouting, cheering, and clapping. The noise was so loud. She cannot explain that feeling she had inside – of pushing herself further than she had ever dreamed possible. That strangers had waited to help get over the finish line safely.

London Landmarks Half Marathon 2018

Then the big day arrived. It was the day before George’s 32nd birthday. Michelle’s anxiety levels were high. Her 10 months of hard work put to the test. She was dreaming of the 3 hour mark and hoping to run at least 11 miles of it. Before she even reached the start line people were calling out George’s name (which was on her race bib).

Michelle’s plan was to have London shouting for George, to run and have fun. What she felt she achieved that day was more than she could ever dream possible. Just standing on the start line was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Her phone went mad from good luck wishes. Then she was off. The emotions were incredible. George’s name was being shouted out by so many strangers. I remember thinking I’m nearly at the CF cheer station. There was so much cheering that she felt like a hero.

London Landmarks Half Marathon in a tiger onesie for CF

The last mile was so painful. Her back felt like it snapping in half but her legs were in automatic mode. She was digging so deep. Her mum phoned her because on the tracking she seemed to be taking forever on the home stretch. Those last markers made Michelle realise she was going to do it and it pushed her on. Seeing the finish line filled her eyes with tears.

Michelle had done the impossible for George. Every step had been for him. She had given everything she had. Michelle had ran a half marathon.

Since then Michelle has completed many more half-marathons and marathons.

You can follow Michelle’s journey further on her Instagram: @michelle.scarrott.94

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