Youth Railway Trespass on The Rise since Emerging from Lockdown

Living close to the railway I was alarmed to hear that new data reveals a shocking 40% increase in youth trespass incidents after the public emerged from the first national lockdown. More worryingly that on the Western Network, which covers Gloucestershire, there has been an increase of 60%!

railway tracks

Where I live it is so easy for children just to end up on the railway line. It is just open unless a train is coming – and even then if they wish to ignore the barriers that lower it is easy enough. That is why it is so important that we know the rail safety basics and pass that knowledge onto loved ones. But also we need to lead by example and stay off the tracks ourselves. I know how tempting it is myself when on a run and the lights change to want to risk running across – but it really just isn’t worth it.

railway barriers

Attempt to Lower Numbers of Railway Trespass

The lifting of lockdown in July 2020 prompted a surge in numbers which is a worrying concern. Therefore, backed by TV personality Nadia Sawalha, Network Rail and British Transport Police, parents are being are encouraged to speak to their teenagers about the dangers of trespassing and the devastating potential impact of trespass to them, their friends and family, and the wider community.

There is a hard-hitting new You vs Train safety film Parallel Lines which has been launched and broadcast into schools by Network Rail’s education partner LearnLive. It aims to get children to not only think about the devastating consequences that their actions can have on them and their loved ones, but the wider, sometimes hidden harm caused to the community, in particular rail staff.

Information on the dangers of railway trespass and the new campaign film can be found on the You vs Train website.

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