How to Make an Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken Fakeaway

This Sweet and Sour Chicken Fakeaway is so easy, simple and obvious how to make that our teen asked me why I am even writing it up! Honestly though I was so grateful that my friend gave me the idea back when I was 18 that I thought I would share.

It is just the thing that you want, either on a Friday night, or when you are short on time. Much cheaper and healthier than an actual takeaway whilst also still being a bit of a treat.

sweet and sour chicken fakeaway

Sweet and Sour Chicken is our family’s favourite dish from the Chinese takeaway, and although not as nice it is preferred by the boys over something like a beef stew!

What you Need for Sweet and Sour Chicken Fakeaway

It literally is as simple as chicken, rice and sauce!

We really cheat when it comes to the Sweet and Sour Chicken Fakeaway and use:

  • Chicken dippers (or any type of chicken nuggets)
  • Ben’s Original Sweet and Sour Sauce (any sweet and sour sauce will do)
  • Rice
Uncle Ben's Sweet and Sour Sauce

You can adapt this to make it healthier by making your own sauce and using chicken breasts too. There’s also a no added sugar version of the sauce but we haven’t tried that yet!

How to Cook a Sweet and Sour Chicken Fakeaway

Obviously this is as simple as cooking the rice, the chicken and the sauce and then adding them all together! It is why our teen said that there’s just no point in writing the post up! The sheer idea of making it is enough but that won’t make a post! So I thought I would share how we cook each bit.

Cooking The Rice

We never could get cooking rice right and ended up buying the packets. Then we discovered the Jamie Oliver Rice Pot and it changed our lives! Not even sure that they are still made, it was when I did Jamie at Home. I would be so upset if it broke now.

Jamie Oliver Rice pot instructions

First you measure out how much rice you need by filling the rice to the first line inside the pot. Then wash your rice in cold water. Next put the rice back in and add boiling water until the second line. You then place the lids on and microwave for 10 minutes. After this wait a further 10 minutes before fluffing the rice up with a fork. Serve.


If there’s one thing that @jamieoliver got right it was this rice pot! #ricepot #rice #cokking

♬ Can’t Touch This – New Year’s Party Band

Cooking the Chicken Dippers

We have a Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer which we cooked the chicken dippers in. Actually I haven’t used it for them before so did air fryer mode for 20 minutes to make it easier to time with the rice. This was also whilst leaving it at 200 degrees. This was in fact a bit much and so I need to adjust this. If anyone has got this nailed I would appreciate knowing how long you put them in.

cooking chicken dippers in the Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer

Cooking the Sauce

Let’s be honest it’s a jar so it isn’t even cooking it’s reheating. Again there’s a few methods you could use. As the rice pot was already in the microwave I decided to heat the sauce in a pan on the hob. Really the microwave was free in time to do the sauce because the rice needs to just sit in the pot for 10 minutes so could have come out!

sweet and sour sauce

That’s it as simple as that. Put your rice on the plate, add your dippers and pour over the sauce!

Disclaimer: I have previously worked with Tesco

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  1. As an avid fan of Chinese cuisine, I appreciate this simple and easy recipe for Sweet and Sour Chicken Fakeaway. The use of readily available ingredients and clear instructions makes it an ideal meal for a quick and delicious treat. I can’t wait to try this recipe for myself!


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