Midweek Meal Made Easy

chicken and vegetables ready to cook in Bacofoil

Family life can be crazy and time seems to be something that everyone is short of. As a family we are guilty of being slack with eating properly and relying on convenience foods because we just don’t have the time or the energy to prepare, cook and clean up after a decent meal. What we … Read more

Kat’s Pasta Dish

This is called Kat’s Pasta as opposed to Bacon and tomato, or Chicken and Bacon Pasta because the recipe was given to me by my friend Kat – who is an excellent cook and this (to me anyway) is her signature dish. She was drunk one night and I got her to write it down … Read more

Chicken in White Wine Sauce

So there I was thinking that making my own white wine sauce would save me money. Erm no not really as a tin is £1.55 and this bottle of wine was half price at £5.49. Probably better for us, tasted nicer and erm lots of lovely wine left over though. The Original Recipe Ingredients: 2 packs of chicken … Read more

Bacon Wrapped Chicken & Cheese with fresh herbed Pasta and Sautéed Broccoli

Equipment Measuring Scales Bowls Grater Knife Frying pan Spatula 2 Saucepans Drainer Baking tray Kitchen towel Foil Ingredients For the Chicken  1 pack of chicken breasts 1 pack of bacon Olive oil 4 0z of grated cheddar cheese For the fresh herbed pasta  300 ml Double cream Garlic granules Handful of fresh chives and parsley … Read more