Getting Outside

This is actually part of the school run. This is the journey home. This is on the way to school. He thought it was so funny standing in my shadow. The real reason my boys were so interested in the hedge. Loved this sunny weather meant a trip to the park and some real brotherly … Read more

Pancake Day

I am absolutely loving Pinterest So if you’re looking for some inspirational ideas for Pancake day why not come and checkout my Pancakes board Shrove Tuesday/Pancake day is next Tuesday 21st February 2012

Growing Up

When do people “grow up” and what do we mean by this? Do we expect people to behave in a different way from let’s say they first start school to 30 years after they’ve left? Do we judge people on how “grown up” we deem them to be? Or is this a not a very … Read more

#ISpy Something beginning with B

So this is the photo meme I Spy brought to you by Mum of One who will pick a letter of the alphabet (or chose someone to pick it) for us to I Spy with. This week it is B. (click to go to the original which glitters) As you may notice this is my first very unimaginative ispy … Read more

Valentines Cooking & Craft

Simple straw heart Heart stamp made from an empty toilet roll holder. From Found on Paper love Chain Adapted from source Strawberries and Yoghurt – Found on Pinterest (source) Cut hearts into the strawberries, dip in yoghurt, freeze. Chocolate Love Flake Cakes – adapted from ClaireJustine Recipe ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Related PostsLove Fun with VegetablesThe Way to a … Read more

RIP Whitney Houston

August 9th 1963 – February 2012 It’s 13 years ago this month that my own mother died at aged 48 so I know first hand how it really is no age to die. The singer/actress was found unresponsive at the Beverly Hilton hours before the Pre-Grammy Awards Party. She leaves behind her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, … Read more

Love Fun with Vegetables

I used courgettes and carrots but am sure you could do it with many other vegetables – or salad/fruit items such as cucumbers and bananas. Maybe even baby sweet corn – although it might be a bit more fiddly. I actually got the idea from another blog you can find here Yes of course I’m … Read more

Be a Pirate Arrrr

My two youngest boys were invited to a Pirate & Princess Party. Now it may have been easier to stick them in dresses but we had a lot of fun turning them into Pirates. Just thread some black – string, wool, boot lace – anything that can go round the head and be tied – … Read more