Our House – the before pictures

The most noticeable thing about the floors was the smell of dog. Neighbours say that the dog never got taken out for a walk and the smell was reflected in the house. We pulled up all carpets and griper roads and scrubbed the floors with jeyes fluid. The kitchen floor tiles (ceramic) had water underneath them, and I cut my finger quiet badly removing them. Many of the floor boards were broken or needed supporting underneath.


The garden was so overgrown that next door had lost a chunk of their garden, and a neighbour in the houses behind found they had more light once I removed some of the greenery.

The shed is falling apart but this was hidden on the viewing by a door prompt up against it.


Possibly the most shocking thing was the fact that the previous owner had just turned off the gas supply and cut the pipe to her gas cooker just leaving me a note about it!


The electrics were very out of date and there were lots of little surprises – like what looked like tile groat on the ceiling – hidden with lining paper.

Panting was done around wardrobes and over carpet


And lots of coats of gloss have been required.

So as you can see – lots of work to do!

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  1. Wow, you certainly will notice the differences quickly on that one. I’m always amazed at how some people live (and decorate!).


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