Are you Interested in Working with Children?

woman working with child

This is a partnered post. One of the most difficult decisions we have to make early on in our lives is what we want to do in terms of a career. If you are yet to decide what you want to do specifically, yet you know you want to work with children, you have many … Read more

Finance Fundamentals: 10 Things Top Money Managers Swear By

saving pig

Learning how to properly manage your finances is a crucial life skill – but it’s something that most of us simply don’t dedicate enough time to. If you can understand the basic of money management, you’ll quickly find that your life becomes a lot easier and much less stressful. The good news is that these … Read more

How to budget for a big family

Creating a budget is nobody’s idea of fun, but a properly planned out budget can do wonders when it comes to improving your life – especially if you’re doing so for a large family. That said, it certainly has its challenges and can be an expensive task due to the number of people living under … Read more

4 Steps To Design A Healthy Kitchen

4 Steps To Design A Healthy Kitchen

Anyone who has started a diet or tried to re-model their eating habits knows that it’s much easier to eat new things in a new place than trying to change old, hardened routines in the places you developed them. This is why, if you’re serious about making healthy lifestyle changes and keeping them, you might … Read more

Things To Consider When Packing With Kids

Things To Consider When Packing With Kids

You might be planning a holiday trip, going for a short weekend getaway, or even making a permanent move. In any case, you will need to go through the stressful ordeal of packing. Whether you are packing to go on holiday or relocating to a new house, it is a complicated and tiring task. Throw … Read more

Advent Calendar Giveaways #GuestPost

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Add some extra sparkle this Christmas with the £1,900 KiddyCharts advent calendar giveaways Today we have a guest on the blog. It is Helen Neale who has popped down the chinmey from the KiddyCharts and Stickers, Stars and Smiles blogs. She has two children, and writes about them on both blogs. Her site is … Read more

Halloween Lanterns RedTedArt #GuestPost #MotivationalMonday

Halloween Lanterns from Jam Jars RedTedArt Guest post on Pinkoddy

As the days draw shorter and wetter, more attention is played to indoor activities. I particularly like having Halloween and Christmas to get the kids excited about. Craft is perfect for keeping them entertained and/or for making those extra special cards and presents. With this in mind, this month the Motivational Monday theme changes along with … Read more

Crispy nests with a twist – two recipes

So the kids have broken up for the Easter holidays and most only have one thing on their minds CHOCOLATE and with 2 weeks off school and the threat of snow (apparently!) then there couldn’t be a better time for this fabulous Guest Post from the lovely Emily from A Mummy Too Crispy nests with … Read more