Best Vacation Areas In The USA To Visit When Travelling #GuestPost

America’s massive land area makes for a fantastic tourist destination. You have a lot of different activities to choose from to ensure that everyone in the family enjoys their vacation. Nature lovers can go trekking or explore natural wonders, while those who are young at heart can go to the country’s renowned theme parks.

If you’re planning your itinerary right now, here are some of the best vacation areas in the USA that you should visit:

1. Grand Canyon

People who thirst for adventure and revel in the beauty of nature will definitely enjoy a day at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It’s one of the top choices for vacations in the USA.

Grand Canyon
Photo by Sonaal Bangera on Unsplash

The Colorado River carved this rock formation for over billions of years. Aside from casual sightseeing, you can go hiking, rafting, and camping in the area. You can even look for packages that include helicopter tours to appreciate the beauty of the Grand Canyon river valley through a bird’s eye view.

2. Lake Tahoe

Another destination for nature lovers is Lake Tahoe, which sits at the border of California and Nevada. The large freshwater lake is the largest in North America. Its best features are the clarity of the water, as well as the breathtaking panorama provided by the mountains surrounding it.

If you’re looking to unwind, Lake Tahoe offers various year-round recreational activities. These are the things that you can do in the area:

  • Winter Sports – Ski season is a busy time in Lake Tahoe with people engaging in downhill skiing, snow tubing, and snowmobile riding. The area is also known for its blizzards.
  • Water Sports – Late spring to early fall is also an excellent time to visit the freshwater lake since you can engage in water sports, such as parasailing, jet skiing, and kayaking. You can even rent a boat and just spend an entire day basking under the sun.
  • Hiking and Bicycling – You can go on several hiking and mountain biking trails around Lake Tahoe. One famous track is called the Tahoe Rim Trail, which allows you to go around the lake.
water sports on lake tahoe
Photo by makenzie cooper on Unsplash

3. Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort is an obvious choice if you have kids or just want to cross this must-visit place off your childhood bucket list. The world-famous theme park is located in Orlando, Florida and continues to bring joy to visitors as “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

If you’re trying to do Disney World on a budget, you should purchase tickets in advance and look out for amazing deals. Plus, you must plan ahead on how much you’ll end up spending on food and drinks once you’re in the amusement park.

drink at disney park
Photo by Valentin GIRARD on Unsplash

Disney World must-do rides include:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean – Located at the Magic Kingdom part of the resort, this ride brings you to a nautical journey through the movie’s seaport towns and Dead Man’s Cove. Plus, you also get to witness the crossfire between a Caribbean fort and a galleon.
  • Soarin’ – This one is in Epcot, another theme park in the resort similar to Magic Kingdom. You’ll be amazed at the special effects and magical panoramas that trick your senses into thinking that you’re flying—or it might be the happy thoughts that fill your mind as you enjoy the resort’s amenities.
  • Expedition Everest – While the Animal Kingdom theme park is renowned for its live animal attractions, you can also get your dose of adrenaline through this exhilarating ride.
  • Tower of Terror – This Hollywood Studios thrill ride has a Twilight Zone theme that boasts of special horror effects, which add to the excitement of the drop.
Tower of Terror at Disney
Photo by Zino Scheers on Unsplash

4. Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas, Nevada, is definitely a destination for the adults. Those who are feeling lucky can engage in legal gambling activities in the area.

If you’re not keen on losing money at the gaming tables, though, you can enjoy a gondola ride at the Venetian Resort Hotel or watch the Bellagio Fountain Show. You can also indulge your appetite in Las Vegas buffets, which are also popular tourist destinations.

las vegas strip eiffel tower
Photo by Mike Boening on Unsplash


The USA has a lot of tourist attractions. People who enjoy trekking in nature or engaging in sports can visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona or Lake Tahoe in between California and Nevada. You can also visit “The Happiest Place on Earth” and reward your inner child with exhilarating rides. If you want more fun, you can fly to Las Vegas and try your luck at gambling or go sightseeing around Sin City.

I have received financial compensation for administrative purposes for this post.

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  1. I have done Florida, but certainly preferred Disneyland in California which has the Mickey Feris wheel. There are so many great places to visit in America. This is a great list with so many top spots xx


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