Letterbox Lab Science Subscription Box with UOpen #ad

Letterbox Labs are a science subscription box that fits through your letterbox. Perfect for those like us who are home educating, those with children who want a little extra fun and learning, or just to encourage an extra love of science.

Some of the contents of Letterbox Lab Science Subscription Box with UOpen #ad

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Subscription boxes are on the increase – they allow people to discover new products easily, save time, are flexible and convenient and make great gift ideas. I was approached by uOpen the UK’s only Subscription Box Market Place – who offer over 200 subscription boxes from over 150 merchants in one place.

They offered me a review and affiliate relationship with them (previously I did a review of Little Cooks Co) – and this felt like it fitted in perfectly with the boys being home educated. There are new boxes being added every week and they are broken down into 12 categories and 40 sub-categories. This allows you to discover new subscriptions, as well as managing all your boxes from one account. This means you can easily pause, switch and cancel subscriptions (as well as checking when they are due to be sent out). With exclusive members only offers and discounts. Plus there is a reward scheme where uOpen rewards can be redeemed against review boxes.

Letterbox Lab science subscription box with uOpen

The uOpen website is easy to navigate and it is really straightforward placing an order. Once you have done this everything is in the hands of the actual subscription company in terms of the contents in the box and delivery – but you are told when to expect them.

Letterbox Lab Subscription Box

Science is all around us, and literally makes the world go round; some helps us progress and other stuff is just really interesting and fun. A love of science is a great things to instil in children in my opinion, and by showing them how fun it can be is a fantastic way to do this. Letterbox Lab provides everything you need to achieve just this.

child doing an investigation with letterbox lab

The Letterbox Lab Subscription box is designed for budding scientists ages eight and over to have the opportunity to dip their hands into cool experiments, safely from the comfort of their own home. Plus with each box they can build up all the necessary nifty lab equipment needed to conduct many fun investigations.

First Impressions of the Letterbox Lab Subscription Box

The Letterbox Lab subscription boxes are designed to fit through the letterbox so no-one needs to be home to accept the delivery. The branding it nice and clear with the name in big letters in the middle with lots of science associated imagery around it using the brown of the cardboard and a purple print. I think it is a great colour which would appeal to both boys and girls and is very gender neutral. I believe this is really important that it doesn’t give the message that the kit is for one or other of the sexes.

Letterbox lab subscription box fits through the door - ordered through uopen

We received the Letterbox Lab investigation box and everything was really well organised in recyclable paper bags. The box was tightly packed, not having any waste packaging – and very environmentally friendly. The instruction booklet is brightly coloured (without being garish), with clear instructions and fun cartoon illustrations.

What was in the Letterbox Lab Subscription Box

The Letterbox lab subscription contained each of the things required for the investigations in different paper bags – so you knew exactly what you needed for each one. The only thing that needed adding was water – unless you moved onto furthering the investigations.

letterbox lab subscription box contents

Our kit included: safety glasses, petri dish, reagent bottles (x10), experimental bottle, chromatography paper, measuring cylinder, diffraction grating, safety gloves (x6), spoon (x2), pipette (x6), food colourants, sodium alginate, sodium chloride, sodium hydrogen carbonate, citric acid – and much, much more. I was impressed that it contained things you may expect people to have around the house – such as felt tip pens, pencil and scissors – meaning that you can literally pick up the box and do it wherever you fancy (we did it at our home ed sports session).

Each of the investigations are rated for messiness, explain what you will need from the box (the general equipment) and what you will need from your bag; as well as a safety checklist, instructions and ideas of how to develop it further. There are also videos on the website letterboxlab.com and you can share with them on social media @letterboxlab

The Price and Value of the Letterbox Lab Subscription Box

As a one-off box the Letterbox Lab investigation box is £28. I think this is fantastic value for money considering how much is packed into the box (including reusable science equipment) and the fact that you have everything you need to play with science straight from the box – plus the online videos and suggestions to take the investigations further.

colours separating letterbox lab investigation with uopen

There were eight completely different investigations in the box – which also then had a variety of adaptations to them (I can’t stand it when it is described as three investigations and it is just one with a variation on it). This makes each of the different investigations less than £4 each – and each as I say has more than one thing (such as the incredible inks is first introduced with felt tip pens and then candy coated chocolates) AND the reusable equipment is also in all this price.

Thoughts on the Letterbox Lab Subscription Box

The Letterbox Lab Subscription Box is amazing value for money, very well organised and a great grab and go fun way to learn about science. I have to admit that there’s so much to do that we still haven’t got through it all! I think they are perfectly aimed at children ages eight and over and my ten and eleven year olds both really enjoyed it. It was easy to follow, implement and really got them thinking – including ways to adapt the investigations. The only problem we encountered was with some of the bottles – which were probably the only part of the box which weren’t that green as not really necessary, other than to give it more of a “science” feel.

varying the investigation with Letterbox lab and uOpen

I am not sure if the contents in the Letterbox Lab subscription follow alongside the national curriculum but they definitely had ideas that were related back to the world we live in. For me it is a perfect science subscription box for home educating, as well as additional science fun for those who are in school. A 12 month subscription is £22.50 a box – making it even more value for money. Plus as children work their way through each box, their achievements are rewarded with a new “level up” badge, as well as a certificate and gift in every third box. There’s also the Letterbox Lab Explore box for children ages six plus from £10 (based on a 12 month subscription, or £11 as a one-off box).

uOpen Discount Code

I think that the uOpen site is an amazing idea – whether that’s because you are looking for some fun with a Letterbox Lab Subscription box or even a gift idea subscription box. I am that convinced that you will love it that I am offering a 10% uOpen discount code off everything it is THANKS10 (for 10% off your total order value on uOpen).

I received a complimentary Letterbox Labs Subscription box in association with uOpen and will earn commission from any purchases made through my affiliate link. All opinions are honest and my own.

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