GCSE Results 2019

GCSE Results day finally arrives tomorrow and for us our second son is collecting his results. It is actually the very same date that his older brother received his GCSE results. Traditionally the first born is more likely to do well academically and work to please their parents – and our eldest definitely did set a high bar when it comes to GCSE results.

Grammar school GCSE results

Our teen definitely is much stronger at having a mind of his own and it is this determination that has landed him a conditional offer at a top, super-selective, grammar school. This is not only a great and high achievement in itself, as not only was the offer based on predicted grades, but a selection process which included an interview. He already attends a really great grammar school, and we are lucky to have so much choice in our area, but he wanted to aim even higher than he already is (his own school have lower entry requirements for their sixth form). Not only that but it would also be much more convenient for us as a family due, to his younger brother achieving a place there through the eleven plus entrance exam.

Exam Revision

The GCSE results he needs have to equal 57 points for his top 8 grades, including a level 8 in each subject he wants to study (and of course he wants to take the sciences and maths; and possibly economics for his 4th A-level but he hasn’t taken that for GCSE obviously). I am sure there’s probably some requirement in Maths and English too – which he needs level 6s for (well 8 in Maths for 6th form) as he would like to apply to work at Explore Learning.

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We took a very different approach this time around in regard to GCSE revision and instead of taking away computer game time we actually let him play it more! Instead of being on his back, we relaxed and trusted that he had put the work in. We do give cash incentives for each grade but other than that how hard he worked was down to our son.

Playstation bringing people together

I have a lot of confidence that he has achieved the grades he needs, he came out of each exam feeling that they had gone well. Whatever the outcome tomorrow we will be proud of him though obviously.

I hope everyone else achieves what they want/need too. How have you approached GCSEs – have you done things any differently between your first and second born?

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  1. My first born is awaiting her GCSE results too so it’s all new to me.
    We are not expecting her results tomorrow because they are getting posted out to us because we moved house. She is quite relaxed about them and I am the one feeling anxious. lol
    Good luck to your son. I hope he gets the results he needs x


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