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Science is such a fun subject, the one I remember most from my own education. The beauty of home education means you can dip into whichever method of learning works best for that moment in time – so I have compiled some different, fun, ways for learning science.

Practical ways to help Children Learn Science

thermal conduction spoons

Practicals, I used to love these at school and if you get the children to do them fully then it will also help with their writing and planning skills too. I have previously written about Woodlice, GerminationSink of Float and thermal conduction as these are the things I really enjoyed at school myself (and this is why we also covered sound by using milk bottles. Obviously you can think up these experiments and activities yourself (maybe also focusing on those things you remember from school because it must mean that it was good, or you would have forgotten about it!) or why not team it up with art with activities such as these space crafts for kids.

Science Books

We have a wonderful array of science books – some just factual but many just lots of fun. These can be books that the boys can just sit down with or ones that encourage them go off and do things more practically. Some of our favourites include:

  • Miles Kelly 100 Facts
  • This is Rocket Science: An Activity Guide – Emma VanstoneISBN: 978-1-62414-524-7-51999
    • 70 Fun and Easy Experiments for kids to learn more about our Solar System. Covering gravity, friction, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Air Resistance, Launching, Combustion and Chemical Reactions, Trajectory, Space, Landscaped living and the Solar System.

  • STEM Activity Sensational Science: Stephanie Clarkson ISBN: 978-1-78312-359-9 £7.99 from Carlton Kids
    • Over 40 fun packed activities including mazes, puzzles, quizzes and facts. Recommended for those ages 7 and over this is just like one of those fun puzzle books you did as a child but packed with science facts to learn in a really fun way. Beautifully illustrated and bound to hold attention – covering everything from the centre of the Earth to space! Complete electrical circuits, reveal the awesome x-ray and feel the fabulous forces. Examine the elements, meet marvellous mixtures, and explore chemical reactions and much more. I think this is a great way for those with a limited attention span to learn – without even realising that they are doing so. It is really colourful too so very appealing – with quality illustrations and graphics. The facts are bite-sized explaining scientific theories, scientists and discoveries behind them.
      • Also available in the STEM Activity series is Terrific Technology, Extreme Engineering and Amazing Maths. (see full review)book sensational science electricity
  • For those who want to learn some gross, smelly or weird science then they may love the Guinness World Records Science & Stuff: Robin Ince ISBN: 978-1-910561-63-8. Brilliantly illustrated fun facts and practical things to do (including experiments).

I could go on and on, we have absolutely loads and I am sure there’s loads more out there. If you have a favourite one (especially if it is fun then do let me know in the comments please).

Computer Programmes, Apps and Websites

These are some of the Computer Programmes, Apps and Websites that I have either heard are good or my children use themselves. I haven’t used all of them personally. If you have one you would like to add then please leave it in the comments or get in touch.

Fun Science Learning Toys

Science Games and Outdoor Fun

Science YouTube Channels

cartoon scientist and science resources for home education

If you know of other really good science resources I would love to hear about them.

Some of these products I have been sent for purposes of review but all words and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Some great ideas. Although we don’t home ed I’m interested in finding some ways to help my children with science, especially as they get older and become more interested in it. It’s definitely something that can be reinforced at home.


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