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Dinosaur Education

We love Dinosaurs in this house (see our dinosaur Pinterest board) and so were delighted to find that Green Board Games had lots of Dinosaur products in their Brain Box Range, and we were lucky to be reviewing their BrainBox Dinosaurs Junior. I cannot express more how much I agree that children learn more with something they are interested in. Engaging the child is half the battle won. I think Dinosaurs are great for also teaching children about history, and how things were not always the same as they are now.

dinosaur education

Brainbox Dinosaurs

First of all we played the BrainBox Dinosaurs game. This is a great game that even the youngest of dinosaur lovers can play. It contains 71 cards each with a dinosaur on it, including favourites such as the Tyrannosaurus and less familiar such as Zalmoxes. Each card has a beautifully illustrated dinosaur on it, the pronunciation and meaning of its name, the type of food the dinosaur ate, and interesting information about it. Using the 10 second sand timer each player gets to look at the card and try to remember as much information as they can. Then the dice is rolled and the number corresponds to questions on the back of the card, which the player must answer without looking back at the picture. If they answer correctly they keep the card, and the player with the most cards after 10 minutes is the winner.

dinosaur education

My year one son also has a Dinosaur topic at school this term, and the classroom is filled with all things dinosaur – so it was a great opportunity to get a whole class of children (and their teacher) to see what they thought about BrainBox Dinosaurs. The class played it differently to the instructions, to ensure that there was not too much time to wait in between children having a turn. They divided into teams (boys and girls) and played with a mixture of putting their hands up to answer first, and then with team negotiations before answering. The teacher said that she thought it was an excellent game for their thinking skills, and really taking in the visual, plus great for team work and discussion skills.

dinosaur education

The instructions say you can adapt the rules by giving younger players more time. For our son with special needs we actually allowed him to keep the card too, because still to look at it and think about the question, and provide an answer was a massive achievement. I think this will help enormously with his development. They come in a range of other topics such as Roald Dahl, My First Science, Let’s Learn French, Maths, Mister Maker Colour and Create, Fairies, ABC – gosh there’s loads, go see the Brainbox Range 

About The Green Board Co

All their games are ethically sourced and made from recycled materials. The Brainbox game states that it is made from a minimum of 70% recycled material and is recyclable.

Brainbox games are multi-levelled so that adults and children can play together.

Family Fever

We received Brainbox Dinosaurs for purposes of review. All words, images and opinions are my own.

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  1. Oooh my son loves dinosaurs, this would be ideal for him! Great review, thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. Ethan got the Horrible Histories version for christmas and we have all thoroughly enjoyed playing – I think these are a really fantastic and simple idea and make great gifts! xx

  3. Sounds a great game. My boys love dinosaurs. We reviewed dinosaur fossil party bags last year. #Triedtested


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