Uncle Milton Death Star™ Planetarium

Uncle Milton Death Star™ Planetarium

This Christmas why utilise the force of Star Wars mania to encourage your child to think about Science – making the link between the Star Wars universe and our world. Uncle Milton has created Star Wars toys that inspire the imagination and learning while encouraging the exploration of the world: Innovative products with real science learning, inspiring kids to learn more about different science fields.
Uncle Milton Death Star™ Planetarium

The Death Star™ Planetarium is part of a range of unique and interactive in-room light experience that brings the Star Wars galaxy to life on the ceiling. Shaped into a realistic model of the Death Star, using the table top base (included) place the Death Star™ Planetarium one to six feet from the projection surface, then transform it into a planetarium to display the cosmos on bedroom walls and ceiling. Built with various layers, with the choice of viewing the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, or project the Star Wars galaxy so that they can learn the names of planets within the Star Wars galaxy. This makes the product experiential and interactive, combining fun light play with science and learning. Allowing children to compare the Earth’s sky with the Star Wars galaxies – or by using the Earth’s own night sky.

Uncle Milton Death Star™ Planetarium

Verdict of Death Star™ Planetarium

I think this is going to be a very popular product this Christmas. Our own son is very excited about all things Star Wars and this is just perfect because he is at that age when he is saying it is too dark to go to sleep. I like how educational it is too, and how it gets him thinking about science, and the world around him. It is a very good model of the Death Star and I think that will appeal a lot. I don’t think that the names of the planets were very clear on the ceiling unless they were very close – but that may have been to do with our batteries. The stars were very good. Easy to operate with an on/off switch, and store with each layer slipping on top of the other.

Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included).

Other Present Ideas for Star Wars fans this Christmas:

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I was sent a free Death Star™ Planetarium for purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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