Carlton Kids STEM Activity Books

People learn all different ways and the beauty of home education is that you can find what works for the individual. Personally one of the ways I find best to learn is through the use of books because I can do things in my own time. What I really love is books that make education fun – as that means it isn’t a chore plus it is more likely to be remembered.Carlton Kids STEM Activity Books

Carlton Kids have just the range of books perfect for achieving this that cover STEM (Science, Engineering and Maths) – each one taking the individual area and explaining it through the use of over 40 activities per book. This includes mazes, puzzles, quizzes and facts aimed at children ages seven plus. All presented in a fun and colourful way with great illustrations. With easy to understand information that is related to the real world.

STEM Activity: Sensational Science

The books begins with a contents page and then moves onto explaining about STEM, followed by more details about Science in bite-sized chunks. The first activity is about connecting the right description to each of the eight branches of science (don’t worry the answers are in the back of the book!). Throughout the book there are activities to get children thinking like a scientist – thinking about the scientific method and observations for example (spot the odd one out and spot the difference as well as considering what happens in the world around us!). Topics include space (including how Pluto used to be a planet), light, electricity, x-rays, sound, energy, heat, temperature, forces, gravity, magnets, elements, atoms, states of matter, chemical reactions, acids and bases, plants, animals, the human body, food chains, rocks and fossils and the water cycle. Ending with the future of science and a quiz. The book does not just teach science but also has additional educational skills such as fine motor (from colouring in) and learning things such as mnemonic sensational science electricity

ISBN: 978 178312 359 9


Steph Clarkson

STEM Activity: Extreme Engineering

This book begins the same as the Sensational Science before moving on to arches and then skyscrapers – talking in terms of ones around the world. It goes on to explain that engineers make lives easier and how – for example with levers. Throughout the book it talks about types of engineer – structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, robotics, communications, software, chemical and aerospace; talking in terms of how they have shaped the past, they are forming the now and how they could change the future. Other topics covered include domes, materials, elevators, tunnels, transport, lighting, coding, communication, robots and gears. Again the book ends with a quiz. It has a good mix of activities which include problem solving, observation, fine motor skills and bite-sized facts in a fun and easy coding engineering

ISBN: 978 178312 358 2


Paul Virr

STEM Activity: Terrific Technology

Again this book starts like the others with its contents and introduction to STEM and Technology before going into the history – with matching up pictures of tools with their modern names. It then covers levers, pulleys, materials, paper, printing, farming, engines, water, transport, genetics, medical, electricity, magnets, clocks, computers, telephones, the internet, VR, robots, space, and the future – of course ending with a quiz. The activities are good and relate to the topics – such as zoomed in pictures to identify things as seen from space.

book terrific technologyISBN: 978 178312 360 5


Claire Sipi

STEM Activity: Amazing Maths

The final book in the series is perfect for lovers of sequences and numbers and even those not so found of mathematics as it is just so much fun! Filled with lots of wonderful illustrations, and well explained puzzles with quizzes and facts. Covering columns, sums. Counting (with regrouping), minus numbers, multiplying, dividing, factors, primes, sequences, fractions, decimals, percentages, time, roman numerals, measuring, ratio, coordinates, polygons, symmetry, pi, angles, triangles, 3D shapes, transformation and tessellating.

book amazing maths factorsAgain these topics are presented in such a fun way and brought to life by applying them to real world situations.  I think that it is helpful not only to the target audience but also to their parents as a reminder of some of the things they may have forgotten about!

ISBN: 978 178312 361 2


Hannah Wilson

Conclusions of Carlton Kids STEM Activity Books

These books are perfect for children to work through independently and also to use as a discussion point with an adult or even their peers. They are great for not only learning about STEM but for making sense of their world. I think they are ideal for their target audience of aged 7 plus – depending on the ability of the individual as to how much help and guidance they would need. Our son is 9 with a developmental delay and was able to learn a lot from them and required some help – but with other parts he had his confidence built as he tackled the puzzles alone.


I received these books for purpose of review. All opinions are honest and my own.


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