Carlton Kids STEM Activity Books

Carlton Kids STEM Activity Books

People learn all different ways and the beauty of home education is that you can find what works for the individual. Personally one of the ways I find best to learn is through the use of books because I can do things in my own time. What I really love is books that make education … Read more

Books for School Library

Reading is a very valuable skill and one I really treasure. I have become even more aware of what a great gift it is since watching my youngest son struggle to get to grips with it quiet as easily as my older children. But get to grips he has – my heart swells with so … Read more

Disney Star Wars Egmont Publishing Books

Disney Star Wars Egmont Publishing Books

Egmont Publishing have got some great #StarWarsXmasBooks that cover a range of ages and abilities. With excitement building for the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens this month I thought you would appreciate a review and giveaway of some of the great books they have to offer. I received two Young Readers Star Wars … Read more

Loon to the Moon – Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour

loon on he moon

My children recently benefited from an author coming into school, reading to them, and signing copies of their book. Reading for me is a skill that everyone should learn as a child. It is an important and powerful tool towards education and independence. It makes me feel sad that not everyone has the same opportunities … Read more

Christmas TRH Book Advent Simple #Review Day 8

TRH advent star

Sometimes we just need something simple. If you are trying to make your Christmas TRH book advent calendar daily it can also become a bit much doing things that are complicated and there are many other factors going on around you (shopping, pantomimes, school productions, writing cards, decorating the tree). Or maybe your child is … Read more

Christmas TRH & Book Advent

Chrismtas toilet roll holder advent

Christmas TRH and Book Advent is about combing two of my favourite things. This year I have been purchasing books slowly (24 books do not come cheap). So this year we are making 24 different TRH Christmas crafts and then securing the bottom with a bit of cardboard (from the bottom of a cereal box), … Read more

Peggylicious Books

How are you doing? My car broke down this week and I’ve had to do a lot more walking, in a lot quicker time. Ouch my legs have been killing me. I put some “deep heat” type stuff on – and it worked wonders! Food I’ve not done so well at though as it’s made … Read more

Favourite books from Childhood

children reading

Children today don’t seem to read like they used to. I think this is due to the fact that they have more than 4 channels of tv to watch and the boom of the internet and computer games. Maybe I’m just unlucky to have children that haven’t got the thirst for reading that I had … Read more