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My children recently benefited from an author coming into school, reading to them, and signing copies of their book. Reading for me is a skill that everyone should learn as a child. It is an important and powerful tool towards education and independence. It makes me feel sad that not everyone has the same opportunities for learning. I was pleased to hear about the 2014 Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour which brings authors and illustrators to a town hall, library or school near you. In association with the Scottish Book Trust the tour takes the very best UK and international authors across Scotland and the UK to help inspire a love of writing, reading and illustration in youngsters.

The Tour started back in January with award winning Jonathan Meres. Described as a funny man it may come as no surprise that this Edinburgh based author is coming from a background of stand-up comedy.  Probably best known for his World of Norm series, he also has written for older and younger audiences. The tour next visits Argyll & Bute (22nd-26th September 2014) with fantastic zoologist and children’s author Nicola Davies. The former presenter of The Really Wild Show this fact and fiction author is fully booked on her leg of the tour. There is availability for teachers to apply for Phil Earle’s tour in Falkirk, East Ayrshire & South Ayrshire (3-7 November). He is not afraid to tackle difficult and thought-provoking subject matters.

loon on he moon

I am delighted to be able to giveaway a SIGNED copy of “The Loon on the Moon” by award-winning Scottish picture book author Chae Strathie, who was on the tour in June, at Brighton and Hove.

To enter follow the Rafflecopter below and tell me:- Do you think there really is a Loon on the Moon? Why or why not? How many loom bands do you think it will take to find out?

 Closing date: 17/09/2014 – UK only

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Have you ever wondered what makes the Moon glow at night? Well it turns out it is The Loon who lives on the Moon – he powers it by collecting children’s dreams. But one night the light of the Moon goes out and the Loon has to go in search of new dreams.

For more information check out the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour’s Facebook page and Twitter account @BooksOnTour.

Loom to the Moon

Talking of Moons – have you heard about Loom to the Moon? Please watch as 5 year Skye’s video as he requests for us all to help him “Loom to the Moon.” You can donate money (and loom bands) to help fund vital research into better treatments for children’s brain tumours.

It is with deep regret that Skye has passed away – his last words were are here – please help his wish to Loom to the Moon be honoured.

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This is a sponsored post. I have been financially compensated to help promote the Scottish Friendly Book Tour and I am making a donation to Loom to the Moon.

50 thoughts on “Loon to the Moon – Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour”

  1. I don’t think there’s a loon on the moon as we are all down here on earth haha. My son reckons it would take six loom bands but I think a lot more!!

  2. Yes there probably is a Loom on the Moon, he probably took the picture of the first man in space. If it had been another human then he wouldn’t have been the first man would he?!

  3. There is a loon on the moon, they are everywhere so why not the moon as well , i think it would take 2.360.999 loom bands to get there x

  4. There are loons everywhere else so I don’t see why there wouldn’t be one on the moon! I think it would take all of the loom bands in the world and there quite a fair few out there!!

  5. No I don’t think there’s a Loon on the moon, my little boy does though! It would take loads of loom bands to reach the moon. Theres probably enough lying around my daughters bedroom floor to have a good go at it!

  6. There is probably a loon on every planet so yes I think there is a loon on the moon and it will take trillions and millions of tiny loom bands lol.

  7. I think there could well be, after all how long have we all look for the man on the moon. I’m sure it would take a lot a lot of loom bands, probably the same amount that are scattered around our house!

  8. I am sure there is a loon on the moon, just because we can’t see him it doesn’t mean he’s not there. Like they say in Miracle on 34th Street, “in god we trust” but we can’t see him either. I think it would take a few million loom bands to find out though.

  9. Of course there is a Loon on the Moon – I mean, I know several Loons and they are always staring into space – maybe they are ‘talking’ to home?

  10. Of course there is a loon on the moon, who else would turn the moon on and off at night and in the morning, and some nights totally forget to turn it on at all? I think it would take 10 billion loom bands to find out.

  11. I think there must be a loon on the moon waving at us from over there. I think it would take just 601734421 loom bands – approximately 😛 x


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