Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Let’s face it 2020 hasn’t been the greatest of years and we have no idea what Christmas will actually be like. My opinion is that we need to get organised now so that whatever is thrown at us it can still be a memorable time. I have teamed up with ASDA Photo to show you how they have a personalised photo gift idea for everyone this Christmas.

Personalised Christmas Gifts Ideas from ASDA Photo

If we have learnt anything from 2020 it is how important people are to each other. Even just seeing someone’s face can make us feel better. This is why I think photo personalised gifts are such a perfect present for Christmas 2020. ASDA Photo have a great gift range for 2020 – with many different ways to make them customisable. This really does give a special touch.

ASDA Photo have personalised gifts to suit everyone in the family. I received a gift code to enable me to share with you all the photo personalised gifts ASDA Photo has to offer.

You add your photos straight on to the website or access them via Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox or Google Photos.  When you have designed your photo gift there is a preview option before committing. You will also receive a warning if the photographs you have used are of a low resolution. I found all my selfies tended to come up like this.

Gift Idea For The Grandparents

Photo Calendar

The elderly are probably some of the most effected by the pandemic in terms of not seeing their family. This is even more so if they have being shielding. Doubly so if they were housebound! They have missed out on so much – particularly their grandchildren or great grandchildren growing up.

personalised photo calendar

Therefore I thought a personalised calendar is the perfect Photo Personalised Gift from ASDA Photo for them. There’s a variety of options as to the layout of the calendar; selections include Wall, Kitchen, Double-Sided and Desktop. With both Grid and List choices available.

ASDA Photo allow you to change the background colour and layout and for every month; including whether to have one, two or three photographs. I selected just one large image for each month because eye-sight isn’t what it used to be.

December calendar page with fun family photo shoot

You can start your ASDA Photo calendar in whichever month you like too – but I went for January as it will be a Christmas gift. Under events there is the option to add holidays (which you can select which ones you do and do not want to include); as well as adding in your own dates, so those special birthdays are not forgotten!

ASDA Photo Calendars start at just £8.50.

Photo Magnets

Grandparents love photo magnets and they are so practical too. I find that it is much cheaper and easier to buy the school photos on a memory stick and then have them printed out. That way you can get the right quantity printed too.

school photos as magnets

Available in Full photo, retro and pre-set designs to add your photograph to, for a number of occasions. With 8 different sizes available. Customise your magnet further by adding your own text.

Photo magnets from ASDA Photo begin at just £1.

Gift Idea for the In Laws

Slate Photo Panel 

Like many people I know right now my in-laws have decided it is a good time to move house. They are decluttering anything they do not need as they down-size. They really do not want to then receive presents for Christmas which just create clutter again. They are quite difficult to buy for, particularly as they both have diabetes too. But how could they not want a photo of their son and grandsons! Therefore the Slate Photo Panel featuring one of our doorstep photography shots is just perfect for their new home.

ASDA Photo slate

The Slate Photo is available in 3 different sizes. Next decide whether you wish to have portrait or landscape and whether you wish to add your own text.

Prices for the Slate Photo Panel begin at £11.00.

Gift Idea for Mum or Wife

Slim Canvas Print

What woman doesn’t love a family canvas print of her family? Again I chose the doorstep family shoot as it has us all together on it. It is also a reminder of 2020 – the year we spent lots of time together as a family.

Family portrait on slim canvas

ASDA Photo’s Canvas Print has three types available (Slim, Premium and 2 Panels) and in a huge range of sizes. Custom make your canvas with either Full Print, Collage (with and without border) or Retro. Portrait or landscape and the decision to add your own text or not. Ahanging kit is also provided.

With prices starting at just £12 for the Slim Canvas Print.

10% Off Slim Canvas Prints. Discount applied automatically at checkout. Offer ends 06.11.2020.

Gift Idea for Dad or Husband

Personalised Mug

It has been lovely having my husband working from home where I can look after him by making countless cups of tea. Whether this is a practice which continues long into the New Year or if he returns to the office then a Gloss Personalised mug with my picture on it is both practical and romantic. There’s a whole range of designs to pick from. I went for a sloppy one with a world on. It even had a space to add my Pet name on it.

ASDA Photo personalised mug romantic

Maybe you could buy a personalised mug as a small gift to indicate that you have a more extravagant gift – like a coffee machine!

With a range of designs and materials (chose from matte, gloss, porcelain, china, latte, mega, magic mugs, enamel camping, plastic, travel and drinks bottle).

ASDA Photo Personalised Mug starts from £7

ASDA Photo Gift Idea for Siblings

Personalised Cushion

Speaking of missing out on seeing people we haven’t been able to see my brother and nieces. They have been having a difficult time too and obviously the girls being so young means they are growing so quickly. I noticed that my brother and his girlfriend have a personalised photo cushion of themselves – so they would love the medium suede personalised cushion from ASDA Photo.

Photo cushion with heart in the middle

Originally I wanted to use just one photo of the whole family. Unfortunately I did not have a copy that was a high enough resolution. So then I went on to look at all the different designs I could choose from and found a nice one with a heart in the middle. This meant I could select a series of photographs. I am sure that the girls will love to spot all their faces on this personalised cushion. Plus it feels really nice to stroke too.

ASDA Photo offer Personalised Cushions in Faux suede, canvas & sequin cushions in circle, heart, square or rectangle design. In a range of sizes, designs and colours.

ASDA Photo Cushions from £14

Gift Ideas for Children

Photo Book – for Adult Son

Our second born will turn 18 next year and will be leaving home for University. What nicer present for him than a Photo Book of his memories growing up until this point. It was rather emotional to put together and I have to admit it made me see that I need to make more time to sorting my photographs.

Personalised Photo book

Again there’s different options of how you put it together. I opted to uploading lots of photos and auto-filling by their date order. I could then go back and edit those which were low resolution, or not quite right. By either editing, moving or removing them. There are options to add in new pages (it tells you how much per page is) plus you can add your own text.

ASDA Photo memory book

There are Ringbound, Hardcover and Hardcover Layflat as well as Softcover options. Matte or Gloss finish. Many different sizes and shapes (Landscape, Portrait and Square).

Photo Book from £6

Gift for Teen Son

Photo Blanket

It is nice to find a gift for our boys that isn’t computer games related. Our teen purchased a bearded dragon last year and asked for a Beardie smash-cake for his birthday. He also is very tactile and likes a variety of blankets on his bed. Therefore the photo blanket with photos of his beloved pet on makes a great picture. Again I wanted one big picture but the ASDA Photo website told me that the picture quality wasn’t good enough for that. I then had to look through the various designs to find one that would fit. It actually looks nice with a variety of pictures on.

ASDA Photo personalised blanket

Available in a range of sizes and colours.

ASDA Photo Blanket from £28

Gift for Young Son

Personalised Tea Towel

Our youngest son has discovered a love of drawing. One of his latest pictures of Link from the Zelda games is so good that we bought a frame to display it in our living room. He wanted to take it to school to show his teacher and peers but I was worried that it would break. Therefore when I saw that ASDA Photo would print his picture onto a personalised tea towel I just knew he would love it. You can use it for drying dishes if you wish but we will keep ours for display. Also it allows you to customise it -not just add a picture. Therefore I was able to add that it was his design on it.

ASDA Photo personalised tea towel

Made from 100% cotton, the photo is printed edge to edge, maximising the area for personalisation to create a stunning end product. The top stitch finish and sewn in hook makes for easy hanging.

Available in a range of colours and designs and up to 9 photographs.

Personalised Tea Towel £13.50

ASDA Photo

When ordering from ASDA Photo my advice is set yourself some time aside. Get to know the site and do not rush the process. Have your photos organised and be prepared to substitute some. Be prepared for deliveries to take longer the closer we get to Christmas. I ordered early and they came really quickly. I am pleased with all the products and the quality especially considering the very reasonable prices that ASDA Photo charge.


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I was gifted these products in return for this post. All opinions are honest and my own.

55 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family”

  1. Since getting a decent smart phone I haven’t printed as many pictures which is a shame. These are some great ideas to get them from the screen into the home

  2. I love that they are a great way to actually see the photos that you take and also that they they make a great gift, I know my mum would love anyone of these as a gift.

  3. I love the fact they are personalised as I think it makes a gift so much more special, and I think all the members of my family would love them.

  4. I think they are all beautiful gifts, particularly the photo cushion. Last year my best friend bought me a photo cushion which I put on my bed. This year I have cuddled that cushion so often because I couldn’t see her in person.
    I would love to get one for my mum with a picture of the grandchildren on because she hasn’t seen them much this year so this would be a fantastic memory.

  5. I just love the personal nature of these gifts, it shows a lot of thought and effort has gone into to buying them. I love them all but my favourite is definitely the photo cushion, I would quite like to buy one for myself, as well as gift them to family like grandparents.

  6. I love the personalisation i think these sort of thinngs make really wonderful gifts, even for those thhat are hard to buy for!

  7. This would make a lovely Christmas gift for my dad who has recently become a Great Grandfather. I would love to put phones of the new baby and him on this.

  8. I would get various items printed with my face on and slowly leave them in my son’s room or things, it would take weeks for him to say anything.

  9. I would have pictures of my daughter printed of when she was younger. Gifts like this are precious as its a reminder of your loved ones.

  10. I love the personalised pillows and i think they would be great for my sister to have of her kids and grand kids when she is recovering from her surgery and isnt allowed any visitors

  11. I love the photo book the most. I think they are great because they are a personalised thoughtful gift that gets photos off the computer. My mum would love a photo book of her family

  12. I love that tea towel. That is a cracking drawing! I love link from Zelda too. I think my girls would have such fun making the tea towel and it would be a perfect present for the grandparents.


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