New Lockdown Rules in England – Solutions to Problems

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It is human nature to be social with others and it is one of the hardest things about the lockdown. From Monday 1st June 2020 here in England we have been able to meet once again with up to six people at once from different households – as long as we are socially distanced and not shielding. Obviously both of these factors mean there are still problems but have got solutions to try and make the situation a little bit easier.

couple wearing personalised face masks

The Need for Facial Recognition

Even babies look for faces – and we prefer familiar faces over that of strangers. I know myself that when I first went to the supermarket during lockdown I was SO excited to see the cashier and I did not know them. Just that human interaction was so priceless. As things progress and I saw someone I knew whilst I was out – even across the way – it made me feel so much happier.

Not being able to See Loved Ones

The problem has been that we haven’t been able to just go and see our loved ones, and for some, even with the changes on June 1st – we still aren’t able to visit them. This may because your household is too large and it isn’t practical for just some of you to visit, or that one or both of you are shielding. Video calls are great but not everyone is able to make them – either getting to grips with the technology or physically holding them.

framed photo from

I know it’s not the same but having a photo in a frame or printed on to canvas of them means that you will be able to see them – maybe even look at them whilst talking on the phone. Or you could gift them a picture of your family. With prices starting at as little as just £6.50 for a canvas prints and £14.90 for a framed print!

You can reposition your photo or change the size and the canvas shows you where the image will fold around the edges. You can even customize pictures further by adding your own text.

Add your own text to images at

Keeping Safe when Meeting Up with Other Households

I have mentioned that in England up to 6 people can meet up but this does not mean that the virus has gone away and so we need to remain alert to keep safe. We need to socially distance by at least 6ms (2ft) and keep washing our hands (as we were told at the beginning of this pandemic). We can even cut through their house to get to their garden and use their toilet – but everything must be cleaned after we have touched it – and yes you’ve guessed it, we must wash our hands again!

Wearing Face Masks

Another way to ensure that the people you meet up with remain safe is by wearing a face mask. We were advised to wear them in places where it was hard to maintain a social distance such as in supermarkets. This was protect others from our possible asymptomatic carrying of the virus rather than protecting us from catching it from others. A face mask was suggested because the PPE is for those who really need it – cases where we know there is the virus, carers, and hospital staff etc.

Personalised photo printed on to a face mask at

The problem with face coverings is that people cannot see your face properly – this may even make it frightening for some. Again there is a solution with the use of a Photo face mask where you can have an image printed onto the mask itself. In fact it was when I asked some friends including hospital staff what they would have printed on their masks that they suggested it would be fun to have faces printed on! Once you upload your photo you can see what it looks like and move its position and size before clicking on confirm. Review and Giveaway

I found straight forward to use and understand, with clear pricing. In fact it was easy to adjust the order to meet budget without having to start everything again – you can just change the sizing.

Canvas pricing at

Not only are the hook and screws available for the framed pictures and canvas frames but they also send instructions on how to do it.

There was a slight delay on the delivery as a whole due to the current demand for face masks, but even with that taken into account and the Bank Holiday, altogether I received all of my order 18 days after placing it (the canvas and framed photo were quicker than this).

When the canvas and framed print I ordered arrived, they were well-packaged without being over-packaged; and with good quality printing

Products packaged from

I like the fact that you do not have to buy the face masks in bulk; plus each member of the house can chose a different design. This helps with hygiene too as they will not get mixed up when they go through the wash. If you order 10 or more they are only £9 each with free postage.

We washed the face masks immediately but first put them in a bucket to soak in case there was any colour run – there wasn’t any which is due to the good printing used to make up the picture.

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