Christmas TRH & Book Advent

There are so many great ideas on the internet but two of my favourite craft blogs RedTedArt and HereComeTheGirls. They have really inspired me to combine a couple of their ideas to create a new one: a Christmas Advent Craft to encourage reading. I adore RedTedArt’s toilet roll holder crafts (TRH SantaReindeer, and Snowmen) and was inspired to make snowmen, angels sheep  and the nativity last year. Then I discovered the book a day advent over on HereComeTheGirls, but had left it a bit late to get organised.

Advent TRH craft and books

This year I have been purchasing books slowly (24 books do not come cheap). So this year we are making 24 different TRH Christmas crafts and then securing the bottom with a bit of cardboard (from the bottom of a cereal box), popping inside each one a chocolate and a piece of paper with a book title. We have started by painting 23 small and one (kitchen roll) large (Christmas Eve) rolls. I have placed a small silver coin in each and buttons in the large (I think a mars bar would work really well but I had buttons in the house).

Advent TRH craft and books

Each day we will open each one (from the top or the bottom depending on the design – and read the book that is mentioned on the paper. I think I shall probably number the books and wrap them up too – but undecided as not sure if this will confuse my youngest. I will share with you our TRH Christmas craft designs and books as we approach Christmas but am also hoping to host some Guest book reviews too – with the aim to really help promote reading this Christmas. I hope that the book reviews will give people variety and inspiration of books to buy/read – and aim to cover adults as well as children. Please get in touch if you have a book review you would like to feature as a guest post here. Please link up any book reviews to The Christmas Collection – and I aim to add all the book reviews to one big linky at the end – so do link up and I will help promote your book too.

Advent TRH craft and books

Obviously I have started now so there is plenty of time for us to make them before December 1st. Coming soon I will reveal a very special book to start the advent off – and not only that it will also feature a giveaway!

Chrismtas toilet roll holder advent

See the  Craft Advent Calendar Google Hangout for further inspiration.

And follow my TRH Christmas Craft Board on Pinterest.


43 thoughts on “Christmas TRH & Book Advent”

  1. I really liked Rebecca’s book advent last year. Doh totally forgot to do it this year. Loving your idea.

    I wonder if I wizz round the charity shops quickly I could get enough? I bet I could!

  2. Oh Joy that is a wonderful idea! I would never have thought of doing something like that, you are a clever one aren’t you? This would be great to do with charity shop books to make it a little easier on the pocket.

  3. That is such a lovely lovely idea…. My son told me that he would like a star wars advent calendar, and I said no, because it had nothing to do with Christmas at all, however this idea features the most important thing about Christmas to me – spending quality time with family! 🙂

  4. this is such a wonderful idea and so thoughful of you – what a fab Mum you are. i have thought about making an advent something or other but have not done it. BUT I love this and will pin it to remind me for next year x x


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